It has become obvious to me when someone has a dogmatic understanding of their world, because they will run from a healthy debate. When someone has done your thinking for you, you cannot “show your work”. If someone has formed their opinions through logic, inquiry, and observation, then they will easily be able to defend those opinions. However, sadly, most come by their worldviews by accepting in good faith what they have been told by people they perceive to be smarter or better informed than they. When their belief systems are challenged, they don’t know how to defend them other than to repeat canned rhetoric they have heard from others. It distresses me how rare independent thought is. Popular opinion is mainly the product of social trend, rather than individual logical induction.

So unless you are an independent thinker who regularly creates original content, Jack has probably already heard everything you have to say regarding any given topic, because you are probably a dogmatic fool who merely repeats what they have heard from others.  Please, do not trouble me with cliched replies consisting of canned rhetoric, for you will be ignored publicly, ridiculed privately, and your IP address will be added to the porn spam list.  Puny mortals, MUAHAHAHA!!!


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  • Volt Tyr

    Interesting Site you have here. You are not alone. It will feel like you are, and perhaps you will care little about that feeling. Will not be giving you a wasteful bit of words, But instead, some observations that may be of use to you.

    For starters, Reason, or more accurately…Ratiocination, is not common to the species, lets say…Human. A common error in thought, is that all Humans are the same, especially in regards to mental capacity. Human comes from humus, of the earth, of the Mud, as oppose to the gods. Its a term having the nature of Humility, and Humbleness in it, so in essence, Low sense of Self. Its a fitting name for the race, because the masses have a Low sense of self, and therefore, a lowly product that all others experience. One can say…Naturally inclined to mediocrity.

    Reason, with a Capital R, is not a product of Humans. Among Humans are a type of Human one could call, Homo Universalis, Polymath, Ratiocinative, or for simplicity Manu. Manu is the root for man, and it means Hand symbolically, but intelligent being in translation. Man, or Manu, and Human should not be seen the same. All men are Human, but not all Humans are men. The difference is which order of the Brain holds active sway over the individuals disposition and inclinations. For example, I am a Manu. So for all my actions and my life style, I must be guided by Reasoned Principle thought. I do not do things in Contradiction to my reasoning, and in order to know I am in fact reasoning, I need to have a developed understanding of a System of Reasoning, viz. Logic.

    But, this is a Freak of nature, and not akin to its dictates on Humanity. Humans exist to replicate their genes, not to Reason on concepts that require prudence, and interest beyond the natural inclinations of propagation. But because men of Reason have convinced mechanical minded Humans to solve problems in a certain way, those Mech Humans built societies based upon reasoned structures, but they do not understand the foundation and principles behind the suggestions, and therefore, run them mechanically and void of the “spirit” or that is to say, the Conscious understandings.

    Reasoning men have made a reasonable society for unreasonable beings. This in many ways has caused a great deal of suffering, and it has also given the Primal Humans a better tool to do what they naturally do…Enslave.

    Men of Reason are abolitionist, and they have the good intention of wishing to see Humans free. But Humans fear freedom and it is against natures dictates. Men of Reason have erred in history, believing they were the same Being as those they observe in chains, either physical or of the mind. This Error has caused many humans to favor the idea of Freedom, while in their actions, supporting their own enslavement. The contradiction exist, cause the belief is not natural to them, but has been forced upon them.

    You, for whatever your reasons, have come to favor reasoned thought. Maybe you are a Human Mech, and you see it serves the purpose of problem solving, and thus, has utility. Or maybe you are a Man of Reason, and see that Reason serves a higher mind and purpose, you just do not know what yet.

    The key is profiling yourself accurately. Know thyself, would have meant more, if it was know thy Breed. Like dogs, Humans have breeds. Knowing thy Breed is the key to determining How you are predisposed. But when you discover that you then realize, You ought not ask a Pocket poodle to be a fine guard dog, for they are far from being Predisposed.

    Analytical and mechanical thought are not the same thing as Reason. Reason is a genus in this sense, and the two mentioned are species of reasoning, determined by the context, reasoning on what. But Reason with a capital R, is a Reasoning for its own sake, and it does not stop at mere utility. This may be untrue, if one can not take it further. That is the determining factor of difference between mech human, and Reasoning Man.

    There is a book called the Lucifer Principle, which has a free PDF floating around. I read about ten pages and found it merely affirming my own studies, but told he who recommended it to me, that I would look over it. It seemed to follow a reasoned direction, even though the writer himself is not a reasoning man, but instead a masquerading aggressive thinker. This is not argumentum Ad hominem, because the mental states of a writer are relevant to their product. But he seems to stick to using scientific data where he can. Just be cautious.

    I say look at this Book however, to see the primal aspect Humans share with other animals. This is key, because it will ground your expectations for them, even perhaps, lead to compassion. They can not change the way they are. Or atleast, this is where i stand on that after a Life of trying to help them.

    I came to realize I was a Freak of nature, and a Villain, versus they were the ones in error. They are the masses, and they seem to be more properly reflective of how nature designed animals. It is those preferring reason who seem in odds to it.

    But in this Odds to it, is that wonderful arrival at the ability to command nature. First, having come to recognize it, second, to obeying it, and then third, commanding it. So then, Reasoning men can invent worlds, rather be restricted to the ones they have before them. But I say this with certainty, Reasoning men should go on strike, and stop trying to serve the interest of Humans. They do not wish to be free, and they will infect what ever reasoning there is, with the plague of Primacy. This is not by choice, but the result of their nature.

    If Reasoning men learned that, it would save them a great deal of energy and devotion, that in turn could be redirected towards working with kin, other villains to do their own thing, separate.

    You called your thoughts terrible in joking. But according to the natural order, they are in the context of thinking they should be applied or are relevant to Humans. A thing is good or bad based upon the thing its applied on. For this Freak of Nature, servitude is of the greatest Ill, and I have have mastered the Art of Being Useless.

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