It has become obvious to me when someone has a dogmatic understanding of their world, because they will run from a healthy debate. When someone has done your thinking for you, you cannot “show your work”. If someone has formed their opinions through logic, inquiry, and observation, then they will easily be able to defend those opinions. However, sadly, most come by their worldviews by accepting in good faith what they have been told by people they perceive to be smarter or better informed than they. When their belief systems are challenged, they don’t know how to defend them other than to repeat canned rhetoric they have heard from others. It distresses me how rare independent thought is. Popular opinion is mainly the product of social trend, rather than individual logical induction.

So unless you are an independent thinker who regularly creates original content, Jack has probably already heard everything you have to say regarding any given topic, because you are probably a dogmatic fool who merely repeats what they have heard from others.  Please, do not trouble me with cliched replies consisting of canned rhetoric, for you will be ignored publicly, ridiculed privately, and your IP address will be added to the porn spam list.  Puny mortals, MUAHAHAHA!!!


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