Those who say ‘whites have never faced racism’ clearly have no understanding of anthropology or evolution

Unpopular opinion: Whites were actually the very first victims of racism.


Supporting evidence:

According to the ‘Out of Africa’ theory, backed up by genetic evidence, all continental civilizations came from mass migrations out of Africa and Mesopotamia. There was actually a wonderful special on PBS about this, and I encourage everyone to watch it. The aboriginals of Australia, for instance, are thought to have walked there from Africa, along the coast line, during a time when the continents were still connected. The oldest human fossils have been carbon-dated to 200,000-300,000 years ago, and they were found in a region that stretches from Ethiopia to Marrakesh.


The point is: at one time, everyone on Earth was black. Can you imagine what it would be like to be the very first white person? They would have been a mutant, someone who didn’t look like anyone else on Earth. Truly alone, with no tribe. A freak of nature perhaps occurring in one out of every million babies. An RNA transcription error.


And here’s where the speculation begins (and most historical/anthropological theories ARE speculation). The first question I have is: What triggered these migrations out of Africa? The reason I ask is that South Africa is and always has been an especially friendly place to hunter-gatherers. Plenty of flora, fauna, and mineral wealth, so why move?


It stands to reason that cultural rifts and resource conflicts, the kind that still plague humanity to this day, were the cause of most, if not all of these mass migrations. ‘Your tribe calls the Great Spirit a different name than our tribe does. We’re not letting you draw any water from this stream anymore. Go hunt gazelles elsewhere!’ And so on.

So, the social establishment of a burgeoning early human civilization threw Jerry McGuire and his followers out. This may have happened several times over the course of an aeon, or to several factions all at once. Historians are still debating that.

What is certain: White people, or the tribe of Africans who eventually became white Europeans, most probably got the shaft in this deal. Think about it: ignoring the dangers of modern political realities, from the hunter-gatherer perspective of early humanity, Europe is simply terrible real estate compared to Africa. Why would anyone voluntarily choose Europe over Africa?

Some say that this was a voluntary choice, because the tilt of the Earth’s axis causes Europe to be less exposed to the sun, and that creates conditions that were favorable to the survival of those with less melanin in their skin. But think of what they had to do to get there: they had to cross the Sahara desert, not knowing what was on the other side, or even that it was colder up there. They then had to cross or walk around the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, they had to settle in a cold, dark, strange place, where the ground is hard, and difficult to till. They had to invent all kinds of new technology, including their own brand of industrial agriculture, ranching, and mechanical engineering, in order to survive these conditions. And most of them probably did not survive the attempt. Only the strongest and smartest survived to pass their genes on to the next generation.

I personally believe that whites originated in Africa and were forced to leave. They went North and East. The first major civilizations to come out of Africa were probably Sumeria, Egypt, and then after that India. Now, I believe that Indians were more tolerant of white people than Africans. Why? Because of obvious interbreeding. Indians have lighter skin than Africans, and also have European facial features.

Furthermore, eventually there was some rift in Indian society that caused a bunch of people to split off, travel even further East, and found Chinese culture. This is happening at the same time that white people are populating Europe and what is now Russia. Clearly there was even more interbreeding between early Asians and the white people of what is now Russia. That’s why Chinese have lighter skin than Indians. And of course there was a group of Chinese that went North and East, and became Native Americans.


Now, getting back to the first white people: exiled from the motherland, whose people refused to breed with them or allow them to hunt or harvest from the land, they endured many hardships, and had to come up with solutions to address these hardships. Also, the evolutionary stressors of nature unsentimentally pruned the weakest branches of this race.

Fast forward a few thousands years. Whites are dominating. They are coming back into the other parts of the world to get what they were excluded from, and even going so far as to invent methods of far-reaching travel to go places their kind has never been. And some say they have gone too far in this. I’m not writing this to rationalize racism, but it certainly does seem a lot like the abused person who goes on to become abusive. I’m not a believer in karma or just-world hypothesis, as I believe these are victim-blaming ideologies.


Meanwhile, Africa, like a spoiled child, is still the most materially wealthy continent on the planet, where huge troves of petrol, uranium, gold, diamonds, and other treasures not even valuable to ancient societies still lay buried, and yet it is horribly managed, and conditions there are miserable. And this has NOTHING to do with the ‘white devil’!


Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe, went so far as to remove all white farmers from the country in 2014. By 2016, he wanted them back. His country is starving, and he needs the farming skills of the whites to feed his people. ‘Africans a liberate Zimbabwe’, sang Bob Marley…  and yet this ‘liberation’ of a people who were never forced by hardship to develop farming skills, retaining a tribal hunter-gatherer mentality well into the 21st century, has only lead to disaster.

Now, if Mugabe’s policies aren’t evidence enough of racism against whites in present-day Africa, consider the fact that albinos born to Africans are treated terribly to this day. Their body parts are viewed as lucky charms, and they are basically hunted and tortured to death.

Some people call this ‘reverse racism’. This term, ironically, is what it purports to describe, for it implies that whites invented racism. This most probably isn’t true, and it ignores the conflicts between other races (Palestinians vs Israelis, Indians vs Pakistani, and Chinese vs Japanese, to name just a few) that white people have NOTHING TO DO WITH. The truth is, whites have done as much or more than any other race of people to end racism. We’re just not getting any credit for it from a bunch of abusive, exploitative PROJECTORS.

And thus, the entire narrative of the mainstream media AND post-secondary education system is revisionist, unscientific, and in denial of reality:

Reverse Racism


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