3 responses to “Why Trump Won

  • Gabby Gobbulcoque

    Thank you! Every goddamn day I wake up, log on to the internet and promptly consider throwing myself off the balcony as the red vs blue dichotomy unfolds, and all logic is met with an angry lynch mob from one of the respective sides (or both). The SJWs are ruining it for the “while cis females” too, perhaps just as much. Just as white males are constantly met with a chorus of “check your privilege!”, we’re simultaneously being looked down upon. Apparently it’s not OK anymore for a “strong independent woman” to get married, but it’s perfectly fine for those self-righteous cock-tease girls to lead around a lusty fan-club of guys purely for their own ego, to the detriment of their suitors.

    Anyways, thanks for being a normal human being, they’re in short supply on the internet these days.

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