Why Prostituion Ultimately Creates More Misery Than Joy


When I was a hustler, ‘pimp’ was a well-intentioned ‘compliment’ applied to me that I never really appreciated.  My business was narcotics.  Yeah, I knew pimps.  I knew hit-men.  I knew money-laundering embezzlers.  But all I did was grow and distribute an illegal flora, had little to do with any other kind of syndicated vice, and viewed the relationships I had with those types as necessary evils at best.  I can’t speak for all drug dealers, however, there are many who are very anti-prostitution; even though they are civil libertarians, they still consider the sex industry evil, and refuse to contribute to that injustice.  In other words, the sex trade and the drug trade are not necessarily tied together.


The best hustlers want nothing more than to legitimize their trade, which is relatively harmless in and of itself, and that means keeping their contact with the rest of the criminal underworld down to a bare minimum, because we don’t want to be lumped in with that lot.  Also, unless you want beef with the law, the upper class, and other gangsters, it’s in your best interest to be a good example, don’t step on anyone’s toes, and keep your nose clean.  Moreso even than a person of privileged background, the kind of spoiled brat who is your constant customer.  They get to have fun and go buck with their parents’ money, but you have to keep your head down to make yours.  That’s the way the socio-economic class system works, and lowly career black-market criminals, no matter how successful, will never be on the winning end of that.

So I always resented this label of ‘pimp’ that some people mistakenly applied to me, maybe because they saw me dressed to go out, or with a few women, none of whom I was actually sleeping with, as they were merely platonic companions.  Pimps are the kinds of figures that get idolized by naive, over-privileged suburban dude-bros who don’t really understand the ugly nature of pimping and prostitution.  Their fraternities throw these stupid ‘Pimp and Ho’ costume parties, if a guy is known to be especially lucky with the ladies, they call him a ‘pimp’, etc…


But the reality is, pimps are terrible people who get your little sister strung out on meth, so they can peddle her ass to all your homeboys, and anyone else who needs an easy lay.  The only people who idolize pimps are bourgeois poseurs who have never actually met a real pimp in their entire life.  For everyone else, to call them a pimp might as well be to call them a slave-driving rape-enabler.   In other words, unless you think like a total d-bag, it’s not really a compliment to call someone that.


Then there are the lassiez-faire libertarians who think that prostitution should be legalized, as they believe it to be a ‘victimless crime’.  Now, as someone who is intimately familiar with the criminal underworld, I can tell you that prostitution actually has a LOT of victims. That it’s a really insidious, dirty business. Self-entitled whores are basically social exploiters and misinformationistas who take advantage of sex/drug addicts and the deliberately alienated… not to mention that often times, the women (especially if migrants) are indentured servants, slaves to debt, who are never allowed by their pimps (or the limitations of their practices) to make more than their cost of living, so they will never be free until they get too old, are put to pasture, and at that point they are basically up shit creek, because they never went to school or developed any skills.  But even in the best of scenarios, where there is no pimp or artificial, unnecessarily high administrative overhead, where the woman is merely using the internet to sell her self, prostitution is still another form of wage-slavery.


There are many who say that, just like the Drug War, the illegality of the sex trade is what causes all the problems with it, and not the trade itself.  While I follow their reasoning when it comes to prohibition of narcotics, I draw the line at the sex trade.  The evil inherent in prostitution, or even just promiscuity, is independent of artificial government-made taboo. Because that’s where you get into exploitative and downright oppressive social power structures built upon the syndication of vice.   But most people are not directly aware of all that, especially the customers, who don’t really have any interest in being aware of the damage their patronage causes.  I was aware because I was a friend to many ladies of the evening, the one to whom they came to cry upon a friendly shoulder.


And the Drug War only makes sexual exploitation worse and more common.  Because the implied threat of government punishment allows for all kinds of artificially-induced compromising situations.  Strip clubs launder drug money sometimes, and then the dancers have to keep the cops, judges, and politicians happy, if you know what I mean. But that’s a side effect of the Drug War more than the enforcement of anti-prostitution laws.  In a world where illicit sex is accepted, but drugs are criminalized, you are going to see some strange bedfellows born of compromising situations, believe me. 


I honestly believe that fake sex with a prostitute is usually bad and unnatural. Syndicated sex prevents real love and natural sex, which are far better, from happening.  When sex becomes a business, that business has to expand and conquer more and more turf, until it sucks in all of the resources.  This can make unspoiled beauty hard to find, to a point where the local modelling agencies, strip clubs, and prostitution rings really ARE the reasons why you can’t find a pretty girl who ISN’T materialistic and disloyal.  These operations generally try to have a monopoly on beauty, leaving gentlemen their leftovers and remainders, constantly sucking in the youngest and freshest starlets.  Also, the prostitution industry’s ‘marketing methods’ can often be quite insidiously deceptive and socially despotic.  Turning people out is bad karma, basically, and has social consequences that the owners and patrons alike refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for.


One proponent of legal prostitution told me that prostitution prevents rape.  Other people think that prostitution is rape.  I mean, it’s forced sex that happens because of the coercion of capitalism, and most of the money earned goes to the landlord, the electric company, the grocer, the department store, the pimp, the drug dealer, etc…  Which means that the hos are just doing what they have to do to pay bills, often struggling to cover the costs of an exorbitant standard of living, and never get any real money.  One has to imagine that, in a socialized society, where everyone is materially equal, their basic needs including education taken care of, no one would ever feel materially pressured to have sex with people they weren’t actually attracted to or in love with.  But then the old fat rich guys who run the world would never get laid, and they ain’t havin’ that.


Still other people think that marriage is prostitution, and in some cases, I agree.  There are third world countries where 45-year-old Western males can buy the virgin marriage of indigenous third world teen girls, and in that case I think the ‘marriage is prostitution’ people are right.  Or in the case of many mixed-class American marriages.  Most of Donald Trump’s marriages to Eastern European immigrant sex-slaves probably count, on some level,  as prostitution.


When I talk about how prostitution is wrong, a lot of guys disagree, and I have to explain it to them in a way that appeals to their self-interest:

Right now, there are probably like a BILLION dudes not getting laid, because of one simple, universal truth:

Lying whores talk shit, and naive girls believe them.


The dudes who ARE getting laid, are either in long term relationships, or they are whore-mongering johns having bad sex with nasty, disloyal whores.

I’ve seen it so many times, in so many cases: the reason a guy is not getting laid naturally is because of lying hos, either in his past or present environment. Even if he isn’t their customer, they want him to be a customer, so they attempt to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by saying that he already is a customer. Either that, or a promiscuous ex is talking shit, and naive people who believe ho stories take her word over his. 


Whores, both male and female, can often be the biggest cock-blockers, and that’s how they stay in business.  Remember that they make their money not by being sexually liberal, and giving sex away, but by being conservative, and controlling the sex lives of others.  Many women who describe themselves as ‘feminists’ fall into this category as well.  Modern liberals, especially of the PC/SJW variety, have become more proficient cock-blockers than the Church ever was. 

The idea is that making sex harder to come by naturally will force men to give up more than it is actually worth to get it.  And for a man in his middle-age, ready to settle down, the modus operandi of liberal feminist communities is to communally conspire to cock-block him until he has gone so long without sex that he is desperate, and that’s when they get him to compromise: either by hiring a prostitute or initiating a relationship with a single mom, an ugly woman beneath his own beauty class, or damaged goods looking to redeem herself.  Remember, conservative women, whether whores or monogamists, are like a union, and free-spirited sluts are the scabs.


Prostitution is ultimately bad for the girls, too.  Sex-positive female chauvinists think they are in control, and might sexistly consider themselves the winners in the battle of the genders, but usually they waste their money and their youth, get ruined for marriage, and end up pathetic old spinsters, or in unhappy marriages wrought with tensions created by their former promiscuous lifestyles. 

The definition of a chauvinistic relationship is when one or both parties involved believe that they are getting the better of the other.  In addition to describing many dating relationships, especially those that resemble bullfights, where the woman waves her red flag, and the man charges through it, only to find she was merely playing a game with him, this also describes prostitution perfectly.   The whore believes she is getting better of her johns because they are paying her to engage in an activity that most would consider recreational.  The patron believes he is getting the best of women because he is using his financial privilege to bypass the social customs normally required to get laid.  But it’s pure chauvinism whether outright prostitution or merely a superficial relationship based on game rather than real compatibility.  Brass tacks of the matter is: when you get older, these kinds of cheap flings have no appeal.

Some people say that prostitution is for someone who “can’t afford” a long-term relationship, as if marriage were a class privilege. The truth is that a serious relationship is usually a financial boon for both people involved… What most people can’t afford is to fuck around with a bunch of gold-digging, back-stabbing, nasty hos.  To have that shit in your background and reputation is the kind of baggage that will opportunity-cost you a healthy marriage in the future.


Bottom line: Prostitution exploits both men and women.  Prostitutes ruin their own lives, and frequently ruin the lives of their patrons as well.  All so the gears of capitalism can be lubricated with sexual coercion.

Finally, I have to note that the only real experience I have with these types of women is from living in a ‘non-confrontational’, ‘non-judgmental’ community… No one ever corrects anyone, and that’s why they are perpetually wrong together, in all of their various ways.  So there is a social liberal component to this as well, and it’s all these brainwashed feminists who refuse to call a whore a whore, or acknowledge that prostitution in all its forms is a serious social problem.  And because of communities like that, innocent men get suckered sometimes.  Which is exactly why they need to be warned.  This isn’t a problem that should be Panglossed over.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil2


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4 responses to “Why Prostituion Ultimately Creates More Misery Than Joy

  • medicineman9

    Excellent article 🙂

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  • Medicineman9

    I do not know why you did not send me an email yet, I guess you fear for your privacy or something 😉

    Please remove my email address from the posting above.

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  • warriorhun


  • East Coast Ghost

    These thoughts precisely describe what I have witnessed moving into the nation’s biggest leftist ghetto NM. Paternalistic and group dynamics that keeps the most beautiful women in groups or open relationships. Shaddy manuvers involving these men to gain access. Attempt to force to date below your desired category once you realize there’s no hacking their niche sexuality and attractiveness standards. No traditional personality evaluation or worthwhile mate strength signalling. Just what you’re going to do to get to the promise of beauty and if you fit their mold of ‘deserving’ participant. The competition begins with even the notion that you can exclusively date a beautiful girl. Was there anything else to expect? It used to be toothless country hicks and ghetto thugs sharing/’protecting’ their women after poverty and drug addiction from Obama admin struck polyamory is the standard of cosmopolitan sheek. Funny thing is even with all the protection the less pretty girls still get raped as if calendar dated as part of their leftist system for attaining sexual satisfaction.

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