8 Reasons Why Younger Women and Older Men Marry Eachother

1.  By a time a man hits middle age, most of the women his age have had sex with more people than him. 

This is the social reality men face:  It’s easier for women to get sex than it is for men to get sex, and women typically take advantage.  So by the age of 30, most of a man’s female cohorts (the women in his chronological generation) have probably slept with way more people than he has, unless they are unattractive.  If a man is expected to choose between an unattractive woman his age, who hasn’t been around, or an attractive woman his age, who has been around, if he is in a good social position (college educated, interesting person, with high earning potential), he will reject both types of opportunities in his age bracket, and go younger.  This seems more fair to him, especially if he is physically attractive.

2.  If a woman is not married by the age of 30, she probably isn’t marriage material.

Women have many opportunities to get married, and typically, if they haven’t tied the knot by age 30, then they are either dedicated to a promiscuous lifestyle, or they have some defect that makes them unattractive to men.  For a man looking to make the ultimate lifetime commitment to a romantic partner, neither of these options is very appetizing.

3.  Women don’t age as well as men.

Most women hit their peak of attractiveness in their early to mid twenties.  Men, on the other hand, get more ruggedly handsome as they age, and the peak of that typically isn’t until their 30’s or 40’s.  So if the initiation of relationships happens through sexual attraction, it’s more likely to happen between an older man and a younger women.  Obviously, as the relationship matures, it becomes less about looks, and more about emotional attachment and life goals in common, but in order for that bond to have a chance at forming, there has to be an initial physical attraction.

4.  Available middle-aged women are harder to find.

Think about it.  Who goes out a lot, and is easy to meet?  18-25 year-olds.  If you go out looking, these are the people who are easy to find.  Past this age, most people get sick of the bar scene, and stay in.  And besides, most women over 30 are already married, anyway.

5.  Younger women tend to be more ideal, and have more potential.

As women go through life, they tend to become more jaded.  This is the product of going through bad relationships.  And it makes them cranky, unpleasant, and stuck in their pasts.  The potential for backsliding with someone from their past is greater as well: an old ex could come out of the woodwork and attempt to get them to cheat on their current spouse.  Women with romantic baggage have issues that no one really wants to deal with.  Men, on the other hand, become more dismissive of their pasts as they get older, and more hopeful that the next one will be ‘the one’.  Men idealize younger women as ‘having it all ahead of them’, as opposed to women who have ‘been through a bunch of guys’.  For older men, attractive women are more scarce, and thus they appreciate them more than a younger man with more options.

6.  It requires a prettier woman to get middle-aged men aroused. 

When men are younger, they are more eager for experience, and less judgmental of a female’s flaws, both in appearance and personality.  As they get older, their tastes become more refined.  They know what they want and what they don’t want, in a female romantic partner.  They are better at recognizing the red flags for women with personality disorders.  So the same caliber of woman who got him off in his youth will no longer ‘do it for him’ when he is older.  The fact that middle-aged men are past their sexual peak means that they are no longer willing to shack up with just anyone anymore.

7.  Older men have their shit together

Men in their 30’s are more capable than men in their 20’s.  They make and have more money.  They are more able to handle any problem that might come up in their own life, or in their partner’s lives.  They are tougher.  They last longer and are better in bed.

8.  Older men are more interesting, personality-wise.

The naivete that men find attractive in women, typically isn’t attractive to women, in men.  Young men are ‘douchey-er’…  More hormonally driven, more eager to get laid, less eager to share a more intimate emotional connection, and less willing to commit.


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