The Charleston Shooting: How Liberals Perpetuate Racism/Sexism by Shunning Racists and Sexists

Imagine your cat dies and you are depressed about it. You go to a doctor. They refuse to recognize that your depression is a situational affliction. They say you have life-long problems with depression, and always will. They try to put you on drugs for it. They want to give you a diagnosis that stigmatizes you and disqualifies you for certain jobs. Are the doctors altruists trying to eliminate depression? NO! They are capitalist opportunists taking advantage of your bad, but temporary, situation.


It’s the same with racism/sexism. You get out of a bad relationship and you are mad at women for awhile, so they call you ‘sexist’, and stigmatize you for life with that label. You get robbed by minorities (it still happens in the ghetto, yes) and express anger about that, and then they call you a ‘racist’.  Are the liberals trying to eliminate racism/sexism? NO!  They are opportunists trying to use a liberal basis to force you out of the community so they can take your share.  And they come off as noble Social Justice Warriors instead of mere selfish, manipulative social politicians. Meanwhile, in alienation, your wounds only fester untreated, no one seems to care, and you are driven to lash out, often violently or through a terrorist attack.

Anti-racists and anti-sexists too often shirk social responsibility to be all-inclusive, even of those afflicted with such problems. And that I think creates a collective negligence that only makes racists worse, left to fester in a ‘me-against-the-world’ mentality where whatever scapegoat their ideology has created for them is responsible for all their problems… when in fact, it’s them and their community in general, refusing to address and rehabilitate these people (and yes, racists are still people, too). Shoving them under the rug with the poor, the disabled, etc…

I think there is a big difference between the hypothetical wealthy, deliberately elitist racists, like the Fox News people, and lower-class guys who are simply alone and frustrated.  This is like the difference between the shepherd and sheep.  The deceiver and the deceived.  The propagandist and those they fool.

The common racist/sexist is uneducated, poor, unpopular, disenfranchised, and they blame the liberal society for that. They blame women for collectively slandering and excluding them. They blame minorities for taking opportunities to better themselves which they feel are at their expense…  This is the dark territory of the ‘Angry White Male’, AKA the ‘Average Frustrated Chump’.  I am not an advocate for this type of person’s extremist ideology, but I understand their frustrations, and how liberal societies can exacerbate them rather than assuage them.  I don’t want to come off as sympathetic to racists, but merely empathetic.  These are sick people who often come from under-privileged backgrounds, and society never really addresses or helps them.  Instead, it assumes they are over-privileged and ultimately the source of their own outlook.

But none of this is seen as a problem by the liberal society, until that person’s frustration with their life causes them to do something violent. And that is the negligence of a liberal society that doesn’t seem to care when someone falls down that racism hole or is driven down that dark sexist path. A society that doesn’t try to talk them out of it, but is perfectly content to let them wallow in their own bad attitude. A society as much to blame for extreme racism as extreme racists themselves are to blame.  Because anti-racists and antisexists often perpetuate a cycle of grievance and vendetta between the races and genders, ostensibly while ‘protecting their community’ from those afflicted by prejudice.

Whenever somebody tells me that they hate some category I’m in, like metalheads, hackers, writers, etc… I always feel compelled to do them one better and be like, ‘Well we don’t hate you, so why hate us?’

But I feel like the racial situation in this country has become. ‘They hate us so we hate them.’

And among so-called adults, I think that’s just fucking immature. And once again, I am tainted by this observation.  While I’m not defending anything, I’m saying that shunning racists and sexists, denying them social capital and agency, it only makes them more racist and sexist, because they are isolated with nothing but that ideology.  You have to expose such a person to the positive aspects of those who are different from them, other cultures and genders, in order to convince them that they aren’t bad.

But the current trend is to ban racists and sexists, deny them the benefit of multicultural communities and meaningful contact with the opposite gender. And like I said, this only confines them to their prejudiced ideology. Modern society does not allow those who have slipped into racism or sexism to come back from it.  The perception is that a prejudiced person doesn’t ‘deserve’ to experience the best of the culture against which they are prejudiced, because they obviously aren’t ‘true believers’.  But it’s the prejudiced person who needs to see that good side of other cultures the most.


They think such a person should wither away and die and not be a bother to the community anymore. But that rarely happens, because those people tend to go out not with a whimper but with a bang. Why was no one Principal Sweeney (the character from American History X) to this kid, reaching out to him, educating him, coaxing him to change his mind?  Where’s the Robin Williams shrink to be better than all the snake-oil salesmen, and actually help this kid? Because they were too busy judging him and shunning him, and that only made him more steadfast in his twisted ideology.  I say this not as a sympathizer, but as someone who has studied prejudice in all its forms, trying to find a cure.  Because as a practitioner of an alternate lifestyle, I too have faced prejudices from society: an institutionalized cultural prejudice known as the Drug War.

As a German-American Gnostic Christian, I have struggled with my own prejudices against self-righteous Pharisees.  But I don’t think Jesus categorically hated Jews.  I think he was merely angry at the faction of the Jewish clergy that opposed his socio-political agenda, had him cast into the gutter, and ultimately made a deal with the Roman government to assassinate him.  But what Jesus preached was extreme inclusiveness.  That when we cast out our enemies and detractors, we only deepen the divide between ourselves and them, and ensure that we will stay enemies, continually blaming them for an animosity against us that we have only fed by ostracizing them.  And I think that can apply to racists and sexists, too.

A lot of times, when you label someone as something, that’s what they will be. You have confined them to that category and won’t let them out of it. Which is stupid, because a lot of these people, their rage at women or minorities or whatever is totally situational, and their attitudes could easily be changed. And yet they are labelled as such by amateur social politicians taking advantage of their shitty situation by using social labels to keep them in a hole.  Real activists don’t do that, they work with racists to bring them back into the light, like this lady who worked with German Skinheads.  Because prejudice against the prejudiced is itself a prejudice.  You can’t cure prejudice with prejudice, and you can’t end prejudice by refusing to understand these people’s point of view, instead shunning them.  This accomplishes nothing.

A person who just got out of a bad relationship is not a ‘sexist’ just because they have trust issues wit the opposite sex. A person who just got out of jail where they were brainwashed by Nazis shouldn’t be labelled a racist their whole lives. These kind of situational afflictions, when generally applied to a person’s character, become a stigma that is just another excuse not to socially include them, so that way others get their share of the community.  I suppose, as a student of psychology and a sufferer of a revolving door of mental afflictions, I will never understand a society that stigmatizes and politicizes a mental condition, even an offensive one like Tourette’s, racism, or sex addiction, instead of TREATING and CURING it.

The thing that sucks about the racism and sexism labels is that they are applied at the drop of a hat. You said the wrong thing to a woman while you are drunk, so she tells all her friends you are sexist. You used the ‘n-word’ while singing along to a rap song, so you are racist. Forever and ever, no matter what you do with the rest of your life, they won’t let you be anything other than that. Supposedly these are open-minded liberals who believe people can change and you shouldn’t confine anyone to boxes, but they do it all the time. And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, career racists will seduce a vulnerable kid like the Charleston shooter. Racists are like religious fanatics. They will try to get to you in your darkest hour. They will try to get you to blame all your problems on minorities, a convenient scapegoat for all of your own deficiencies.  And I know that because I’ve done time in jail, which is often a recruitment center for racists and white power gangs.

The most obvious time it happened to me was while I was incarcerated. You are locked up with bigger, scarier people, and you are generally scared of everyone. Then some huge white dude comes up all friendly like and says the other races have a gang and they want to rape you. So why don’t you join the white gang? But the white gang is just a bunch of big bullies trying to rob you, and exploit your bias by turning you into one of their soldiers. And they use this exaggerated racial conflict to convince you that their gang is necessary, or that the ‘other gangs’ are worse, or that it’s not all merely the same gang.  But honestly, the juicer gangers of all races, even my own, were never my peeps in jail. I stuck with my peeps: short skinny smart guys of all races.  We had a book club.

In my experience, liberals are people who say that they are against artificial classes, but they still are classist. They label some people ‘problems’ and say they government should ‘handle’ them. But even when the government ‘handles’ a ‘problem person’, when they get out of jail or rehab or whatever, does the liberal who condemned them to that quarantine want to help them reintegrate into society? Hell no, they are socially classified as ‘damage goods’.

Moral of the story: liberals are people who profess the value and legitimacy of the system, but still have no faith in it. And the way they treat ex cons, especially those created by culturally prejudiced authoritarian communist ‘public works projects’ like the Drug War, it really shows how little faith liberals have in this system they advocate… for others, but not for themselves.  If you really believe that prison ‘rehabilitates’ people, instead of making them worse, I invite you to dine with ex cons in your private home. With the good silverware and fine China. I have. Because I’m not a hypocrite, and I never advocated for the Prison-Industrial Complex in the first place.

Which is exactly why I believe there should be outreach for those who are ‘at risk’ of racism and sexism. But hypocritical liberals never do that. They think that shunning bigots will somehow improve their outlook. It doesn’t; ostracism only reinforces their prejudice.  If in the lower classes, you are only exposed to the bad examples, and deliberately kept from the good examples, this will only reinforce your prejudice.

Nor does censorship or denying history keep us from repeating it!  I remember the first time an anarchist, not a Nazi, told me I should read ‘Mein Kampf’, if only to be able to contend with its perspective. I have to admit, I only read a very small percentage of it. It’s terribly-written. All I can think is that maybe it said some things the Germans wanted to hear at the time, albeit inconcisely, and in awkward language. I don’t think it made me prejudiced. Bad experiences did that. And I still fight a daily fight to resist the prejudices that plague an open-minded person who got exploited too many times. But no, I was never partial to Nazi ideology; as a young anarchist punk in the 90’s, that would have been sacrilegious.

The book was actually given to me by a centrist contrarian who wanted to broaden my horizons, so I wouldn’t get too caught up in commie bullshit or fascist bullshit. And I have to say, what that era of my life did for me most was get me to study and personally debunk all forms of prejudice, reverse or otherwise. It wasn’t until midlife I realized that life experience and maybe even inherent nature had still infected me with prejudices that wouldn’t be realized until then.  But don’t ever admit your prejudices to a crowd of liberals, because even though all white liberals are supposed to admit they are prejudiced, those who do are typically judged and shunned by other liberals, often those in denial of their own bias.

diagnose_racismThe problem is not earnest Social Justice Warriors, but rather, phoney, hypocritical ‘Social Justice Warios’:

stop-appropriating-italian-culture-getting-sick-of-all-these-social-justice-warios-cyanide-and-happiness-comic-1434334541I think that Wario is the perfect pop-culture analogy of the PC hypocrite.  Mario and Luigi are the real heroes.  Wario calls them out for doing something that HE HIMSELF is guilty of: Cultural misappropriation.  The reason?  He is jealous of them being the protagonists, and wants the attention they are getting.  Thus I define the ‘Social Justice Wario’ as: A hypocrite who flies a false flag of Social Justice, but is in fact only in it for selfish or nefarious purposes.

There is literally no difference between PC shaming and the guilt-trippery of religious fundamentalism. Liberals and conservatives both use shame and guilt to control people emotionally, insidiously.  And the end result of both kinds of guilt-trippery is the same: repression.  Division.  People keeping themselves from eachother.  Secrecy.  Two-facedness.  Divergent mental states.  People afraid to say what they really mean and be judged for it.  A closed society.

Race War, Gender Wars… these special interest politics really only serve one function: to keep the proletariat divided and conquered, keep us distracted from the only war that really matters: CLASS WAR. Class conflicts are painted as racial/gender struggles in order shift the blame from the government and upper socio-economic class…  While at the same time playing the race/gender card whenever they are held to any standard of responsibility or accountability.

Why do women tend to be less racist than men? Because of gender roles. They aren’t thrust into competitions with other races, and they aren’t locked in cages with racists. So why would they understand that mentality?  In fact, women are the ones who benefit from racial competitions for their affections, between men.

Near as I can tell, poor people are racist because they are poor, uneducated, and denied opportunity. And that applies to black people and white people. Poor white people live in the trailer park and listen to racist country music. Poor black people live in the ghetto and listen to racist rap music. Both types of people need education, love, and investment into their potential to be more than that.  Anti-racism is, in many ways, a class privilege. At the top there is plenty, so why give in to racial conflict (unless of course convincing others to be racist is the source of your wealth, but that’s not true of all rich people)? At the bottom, they are fighting for scraps and blaming eachother for the bad situation of their general class.

In other words, the poor of all races are far more susceptible to racist mentality, because they are put in shitty competitive situations with eachother.  Situations that Universal Healthcare, Free Post-Secondary Education, and Universal Basic Income would eliminate, so the rich would end up paying to alleviate racism caused by systemic poverty, instead of profiting from and deliberately perpetuating racial conflict.  I don’t care if you are LGBT, a minority race, a feminist, a pacifist, a supporter of the arts, an anti-prohibitionist, or any other typically liberal thing… If you are not a socialist, to me, you are not truly a Democrat. Class war is THE DEFINING ISSUE of our times, and all this other shit is just a smoke screen put on by capitalists and their political government lackeys, to distract everyone from the ONE ISSUE that should take precedence over ALL liberal social issues…


Obama has taken advantage of random public shootings to advance his gun control agenda, just like Bush took advantage of 9-11 to advance his war-mongering agenda. There, I said it.

I’m sorry, but when you routinely send drones into foreign countries that end up killing little kids, no one buys your phony tears, Mr. President. You want to solve domestic conflicts, then you have to end the class war. This is not an issue of mental health, gun control, or even racism. It’s about providing the kind of equal opportunity that eliminates jealousy and classism. Do that, and no matter how many guns people have lying around, no one would have any real motivation to hurt anyone else.


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