This silo is a total sausage fest, bro


So, in case you haven’t heard, a Google employee recently sent out an internal memo critiquing the company’s diversity policy, and was promptly fired. Google’s actions in this case have been both applauded and condemned by many people.

Now first let me say that, as someone with almost ten years of professional experience in software development, this concerns me. We’ve all had to become very careful about what we say at the office, or even on FaceBook, or Hell, even at a bar. And I’m probably just as good at this professional phoniness as anyone. The memo the Google engineer sent out is similar to some things I have posted on personal websites, but would I send that out to the whole company where I work? Probably not.

And yet many would argue that this man was doing Google a courtesy, by speaking truth to power, as opposed to going behind power’s back, and posting this to linger in the dark corners of the internet’s MRA community, for Google to internally speculate about who wrote it. Google said that they wanted to open a dialogue about this topic, and then punished a dissenting opinion. Which is bad on them, to me.

Now let me also say that I’ve worked with transgenders, females, blacks, Indians, Chicanos, Asians, Arabs, etc, and some of them were really good at their jobs, many even better than me! I’m not denying that any type of person can be a programmer. However, to say that anyone can be a programmer, is dangerously fantastical. Programming is not ‘perception is reality’…  No amount of ‘good vibes’ will make bad code compile.


In fact, one of the biggest pains in my industry is how many pretentious people try to schmooze their way to the top of it, often without having any real understanding of it at all. This is a problem with straight white males, too. Some maverick hotshot wows the incompetent boss in an interview, is hired on, claims to be able to make everything more efficient or better somehow, and in the process, breaks everything. Seen it a million times.

And that’s why, I don’t claim to be any more bad-ass than I am, professionally. I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer, because, although I do possess basic programming and systems administration skills, I do not believe myself to be an expert at software development. My degree is in a completely unrelated field, and programming, for me, is really just a hobby that turned into a career. And that’s why I only apply for jobs I know I can do, as opposed to being the guy who says ‘Yeah, I can do that,’ while reading the ‘For Dummies’ book on it. You’d be surprised how often this actually happens, like the pretentious fraud piano teacher, who stays one lesson ahead of her kids.

Maybe at some point, I will get it together to take the 6 months of night classes I need to go full developer, but for now, I’m happy where I am: in an relatively easy, high-paying job that allows me plenty of free time for socializing and creative endeavors.
I will say this: as a QAE, I’ve watched codebases go to shit before, and the underlying organizational cause is always HR. You think the world is run by engineers and technical people, with degrees in hard science? Ha! It’s run by managers and advertisers, AKA ‘people persons’, who have degrees in social ‘science’, if anything at all. It’s the blind leading the one-eyed. I pray for a glorious and bloody revolution against these pretentious idiots.

I’ve yet to find and secure employment at a company that doesn’t have major HR issues, and when I say ‘HR issues’ I don’t mean ‘she said the n-word’ or ‘he told a raunchy joke in mixed company’. What I mean is that some people are underpaid, and some people are overpaid. The wrong people get hired and the right people get fired, or are allowed to walk away, when they get an offer their current employer doesn’t want to compete with (in which case the whole project suffers, and it’s a QA nightmare).

The fact that we’ve let ‘HR issues’ be redefined in terms of non-adherence to political correctness, to me, is just another sign that the corporate masters are dividing and conquering, by playing up these differences between races, genders, and cultures, but then refusing to talk about pay disputes, and the wrong people being put in (or more often, taking) charge.


One of the worst HR issues I’ve noticed recently is what I call ‘technical extortion’, which is to say, new developer gets job at reasonable salary, then he refactors the existing codebase in a way that only he understands, or implements some dependency, and then he basically holds the project for ransom, telling the boss ‘You are screwed without me, so give me a raise or I walk.’ I’ve had the opportunity to do this before, but I think it’s unethical. However, ethical people don’t get promoted, and I have seen this kind of behavior rewarded many times.

The people who pull this kind of shit are almost always schmoozers, who espouse all the corporate values as publicly as they can, though they are most certainly different animals behind closed doors. The person who doesn’t want to play these games, however capable he might be, gets fired.  ‘Let’s fire the competent, moderately-paid guy with the controversial opinion. This Polynesian transgender will work cheaper anyway, and it makes the company look more ‘diverse’.’ And then the codebase goes to shit, users get pissed, and the brand loses market share. Seen it a million times. Got thrown under the same bus myself before.

I once got terminated because someone went behind my back to HR, and it was all over scene drama. Like, we were after the same girl, or I dissed one of his homeys, or something. HR didn’t even get my side of the story, but our territorial conflict had nothing to do with the job, and for HR to take his side be default was totally wrong.

This is why I don’t like working at hipster companies. I don’t want my co-workers to see me out on the town, being single. I’d rather co-workers be older and married, not a bunch of EDM dudebros blaring dubstep and coming into work hungover all the time.

I sued that company for funemployment, and won. That six-month paid vacation at their expense was sweet. I’m skilled, so I can always find another job. No biggie. Working at the same company your whole life just doesn’t happen anymore. I get sick of the same old office and the same old people, so I’m happy to hop around every few years. It’s an educational experience.

Some people say that I’m unprofessional to post shit like this, but it’s literally my job to criticize not just code, but human processes. Excuse the fuck out of me for doing my job. The unprofessionalism goes far and wide above my head, let me tell you.

Imagine if the egg inspector just gave all the eggs a pass, without even looking at them. Though his policy would be non-discriminatory, it would be negligent, and people would get sick from his inaction, and refusal to perform due diligence. You want to live in a society free of discrimination? Start by eating garbage. According to your ideology, it’s just as good as fresh food.

The worst part about corporatism is that every process falls victim to a Robocop 2-esque corporate groupthink that alienates the smartest people in the room, just so some popular cause can have its bullshit two cents. And if you haven’t seen Robocop 2, I highly recommend it. It’s a philosophical journey.


This is the thing about the contemporary left: they say they are all about ‘inclusion’ and creating a world where everyone is accommodated and provided for, but when you question their bullshit, they blacklist you, in an attempt to starve you out. They’ve actually combined the worst aspects of liberalism and conservatism, and they are leveling this hypocritical ideological gun at straight white males.

Everyone else gets a free pass, because it is assumed that this is what their kind historically deserves. Let the white man be a slave to progressivism, and if he bucks his reigns, put him down. Let the diversity hires run him into the ground and bleed him dry, for shit his hypothetical grandparents did to theirs. Apply a lax liberal standard to everyone but him, and apply conservative fascism to him. Then sit back and wonder why he thinks the way he does. It’s kinda like that time in high school, when the class bully turned in a paper full of errors, and you turned in passable paper, but the teacher gave you both a ‘B’, because ‘he tried his hardest, and you could have done better’.

And then some people say ‘I can’t wait until there are no more dinosaurs like that Google engineer left on Earth.’ But then who would they make a slave to progressivism? The day the last dinosaur is pumped out of the earth and burned is the same day their commie death machine runs out of gas.

And people say ‘If you don’t like it, boycott Google,’ but honestly, I don’t think I’ll have to… If they get rid of everyone like him, and replace them with incompetent liberals, the quality of their products will decline, and so will they. That’s what happens when you play fast and loose with your position, and try to use capital to circumvent reality.

Eventually, everyone excluded by policies like Google’s will form their own company, and dominate the market. This Culturally Marxist infiltration of corporate America is too incompetent to last forever. But while it does, we are all bound to suffer the consequences of pretentious software developer incompetence.

The regression of Android’s auto-correct, S3E2 of Rick and Morty, the ever-devolving WordPress interface, and many other R&D blunders represent the Fall of Western Civilization. It’s what happens when you hire for diversity, and let newbs push bad code. Expect more shit like that from these militantly naive software companies. Maybe even the one that writes your car’s automatic driving program.

‘Oh, you said you wanted to go to Wal-Mart? We thought you meant drive straight into a wall. We just put Cindy in charge of that algorithm. Isn’t she a cutie?’

At my last job, they hired a woman onto the development team. Only female on the team, and her performance was without issue. The manager was so self-conscious about not siloing her out, he silo’ed everyone else out by comparison! He spent six weeks one-on-one with her, every day, giving her the kind of training and ‘mainsplaining’ he never gave us. Ultimately, relative to her, we felt neglected and under-trained.

I guess the assumption is: You’re a fucking white male. You should already know, or be able to quickly figure out all this stuff. But this is a cut-throat business full of protectionists. People fall out of favor, they get left off of the email list, and then they get fired, for not knowing something that nobody ever told them.


At my current job, which will be ending very soon, as I have the ability to hop around quite a bit and this project will soon end, there is an old Indian man. I have to fight the urge to strangle this incompetent man daily (and if this corporate repression continues, someone, somewhere WILL get strangled, because they haven’t been allowed to peacefully express their frustrations). The old man was hired as a favor to the executive management team, which is all Indian. Today, he asked me how to generate an SSH key. He’s been on the project over 9 months! I have too much important shit to do to babysit this guy.

Mind you, there was a time when I didn’t know how to generate an SSH key either, but not 9 months into a LAMP stack project. That would be like if a mechanic’s assistant asked ‘What’s a wrench?’ halfway through an engine overhaul.

In fact, when I didn’t know how to make a key, the first time I was asked years ago, I was too ashamed of my own ignorance to ask how, so I went to Stack Overflow, and figured it out in 15 minutes. This guy is still struggling with this as we speak. Oh yeah, and he makes substantially more money than me.

I’m getting to the age where I sometimes interview for ‘senior’ level QAE positions. What that usually means, when they are trying to hire a Senior level employee, from outside the company, is that there is an existing team of lovable losers who aren’t qualified for the job. So my job would be to educate and inspire the unqualified people they have already hired. These people are often women and ethnic minorities, who have been given cushy jobs, where not much is expected of them, and coddled, often at the expense of other employees.

I’ve had female bosses before. Never had a good one. Much like my romantic life, I’m sure there are good ones out there, but I’ve never personally met one. Plenty of pretentious and insulated divas want to be project managers, trust me, and dealing with their neuroticism is never easy.


Even when I got a night job at a headshop, just to make friends, they put a woman in charge of me. I’d taken classes in glass blowing and worked at shops for years before her, but go ahead and put her in charge, because she’s networked in with the streets, and I’m so whitebread. Well, long story short, all her employees quit (including me), none of them are her friends anymore, and she got fired. The headshop then closed, after 30 years of business.

Considering that I live in a city where cost of living is skyrocketing, I really question the motives of companies who give women cushy jobs, like ‘Social Media Manager’, just so they can afford to live here. It’s almost like someone said, ‘This silo is a total sausage fest, bro. Let’s get some trim up in here.’ And just like that, a bunch of territorial, insecure men, who are unwilling to teach eachother what they do, become willing to foster and mentor some cute young girl, and then the little guy who’s just starting out gets shafted by chauvinist group politics.

Finally, I’ll relate this little anecdote:

I did a phone interview with RetailMeNot. The guy asked me some really basic questions, and my answers seemed to intimidate him. He thought that OWASP was a paid security audit service, displaying his ignorance of OWASP, which is actually a 501c3 dedicated to proliferating computer security knowledge, something EVERYONE in software-as-a-service testing should know about.

Ultimately, they came back and said I was over-qualified. The exact words they used were ‘We wouldn’t want to put an automated scripter in a manual tester role’. I actually do both manual and auto testing, but they said I was overqualified. For an $89k/yr job. I’ve never in my life made that much money. If I’m over-qualified, why can’t I find anyone willing to pay me more to do my job?

OK, so here’s where it gets juicy: A co-worker of mine, with the exact same job title as me, at my current employer, goes up for the same role at RetailMeNot. Not only do they invite him for an onsite interview, they offered him the job! Background on this guy: by most, if not all accounts, he is less skilled than me. I’m an automator and sysadmin, and he’s just a manual front-end black box tester. Ultimately, he was laid off from my current employer for being under-skilled and overpaid. He re-located to the DC area, and ended up not even wanting or taking the job that RetailMeNot offered him. But we were somewhat friendly co-workers, so I was kept informed of all this.

Not to be bitter or toot my own horn, but if you could get either of us for the same money, it makes sense, both on paper and in practice, to hire me!

The other difference between him and me: I’m white, and he’s Indian. I would not have thought anything of this, if I had not read this review of RetailMeNot on Glassdoor:

‘Very political environment where ‘diversity & inclusivity’ is a major priority as employees are divided by race & genitalia, then we’re told we need more of this group and less of this group. It’s rather sickening. You must think and march along with the obvious political party lines (which doesn’t even have anything to do with work) or you’re not in the clique.’

And there are other reviews that indicate that’s the way the wind blows at this company, too… Just read through all their reviews.

What’s so bad for them, is that my co-worker didn’t take the job, he actually took another job, and we are still on friendly terms… so if I were to sue RetailMeNot for discrimination, he would probably testify on my behalf. Maybe someone is going to have to sue, in order to convince them to address their internal biases, and change their policy to one that is legal.


So, what do I think of affirmative action? It’s a pain in the ass, it’s not fair, and it hurts morale! Hire for merit, not diversity, and PAY PEOPLE FAIRLY. If you are an applicant and you don’t have merit yet, work your way up from the bush leagues, like I did. There are companies who hire unskilled workers off the street, you just have to pound the pavement and find them.

And yes, there are people out there who will try to use your opinion, peacefully expressed in private company, to get you fired. Just the other day, I posted about being excited about a job interview I had with a company in Denver, because I’ve been toying with the idea of moving there. A frienemy on my profile, who happens to be an old lady from Colorado, innocently asked ‘What company?’

When I explained to her that I would never divulge that info, unless I had already worked there for at least a year, she then went on this rant about how people should stop moving to Denver, and it’s full. I’ve heard this about every popular city, so it doesn’t phase me. But if I had naively told this old bag the name of the company I was interviewing with, do you think she would have called them up, and told them I was part of a secret international ring of necrophiliacs, in a petty attempt to keep me from getting a better job? Bet your sweet ass.

In 1984, George Orwell wrote ‘Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death.’ And in many ways, terminating someone and making him a pariah over his opinion, which possibly could have been changed, is a death sentence. If this guy cannot get another job, if he can’t pay his rent, armed men will put him on the streets, and he will starve and die. And no matter what your sociopolitical views are, if you think that’s social justice, like some kind of Gandhi boycott, you have more in common with Stalin than Gandhi.

And so, without further adieu, I give you my favorite Myspace meme of the early 2000’s, which I have re-captioned for the sake of relevance:


Straight white male computer nerds are racist and sexist, because they make them too hard to use. They need to make them more like sheep, so they can be fleeced, and people in the community can have good coats. But straight white males feel entitled to keep their own skin, and they don’t want us to be warm like them.



Those who say ‘whites have never faced racism’ clearly have no understanding of anthropology or evolution

Unpopular opinion: Whites were actually the very first victims of racism.


Supporting evidence:

According to the ‘Out of Africa’ theory, backed up by genetic evidence, all continental civilizations came from mass migrations out of Africa and Mesopotamia. There was actually a wonderful special on PBS about this, and I encourage everyone to watch it. The aboriginals of Australia, for instance, are thought to have walked there from Africa, along the coast line, during a time when the continents were still connected. The oldest human fossils have been carbon-dated to 200,000-300,000 years ago, and they were found in a region that stretches from Ethiopia to Marrakesh.


The point is: at one time, everyone on Earth was black. Can you imagine what it would be like to be the very first white person? They would have been a mutant, someone who didn’t look like anyone else on Earth. Truly alone, with no tribe. A freak of nature perhaps occurring in one out of every million babies. An RNA transcription error.


And here’s where the speculation begins (and most historical/anthropological theories ARE speculation). The first question I have is: What triggered these migrations out of Africa? The reason I ask is that South Africa is and always has been an especially friendly place to hunter-gatherers. Plenty of flora, fauna, and mineral wealth, so why move?


It stands to reason that cultural rifts and resource conflicts, the kind that still plague humanity to this day, were the cause of most, if not all of these mass migrations. ‘Your tribe calls the Great Spirit a different name than our tribe does. We’re not letting you draw any water from this stream anymore. Go hunt gazelles elsewhere!’ And so on.

So, the social establishment of a burgeoning early human civilization threw Jerry McGuire and his followers out. This may have happened several times over the course of an aeon, or to several factions all at once. Historians are still debating that.

What is certain: White people, or the tribe of Africans who eventually became white Europeans, most probably got the shaft in this deal. Think about it: ignoring the dangers of modern political realities, from the hunter-gatherer perspective of early humanity, Europe is simply terrible real estate compared to Africa. Why would anyone voluntarily choose Europe over Africa?

Some say that this was a voluntary choice, because the tilt of the Earth’s axis causes Europe to be less exposed to the sun, and that creates conditions that were favorable to the survival of those with less melanin in their skin. But think of what they had to do to get there: they had to cross the Sahara desert, not knowing what was on the other side, or even that it was colder up there. They then had to cross or walk around the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, they had to settle in a cold, dark, strange place, where the ground is hard, and difficult to till. They had to invent all kinds of new technology, including their own brand of industrial agriculture, ranching, and mechanical engineering, in order to survive these conditions. And most of them probably did not survive the attempt. Only the strongest and smartest survived to pass their genes on to the next generation.

I personally believe that whites originated in Africa and were forced to leave. They went North and East. The first major civilizations to come out of Africa were probably Sumeria, Egypt, and then after that India. Now, I believe that Indians were more tolerant of white people than Africans. Why? Because of obvious interbreeding. Indians have lighter skin than Africans, and also have European facial features.

Furthermore, eventually there was some rift in Indian society that caused a bunch of people to split off, travel even further East, and found Chinese culture. This is happening at the same time that white people are populating Europe and what is now Russia. Clearly there was even more interbreeding between early Asians and the white people of what is now Russia. That’s why Chinese have lighter skin than Indians. And of course there was a group of Chinese that went North and East, and became Native Americans.


Now, getting back to the first white people: exiled from the motherland, whose people refused to breed with them or allow them to hunt or harvest from the land, they endured many hardships, and had to come up with solutions to address these hardships. Also, the evolutionary stressors of nature unsentimentally pruned the weakest branches of this race.

Fast forward a few thousands years. Whites are dominating. They are coming back into the other parts of the world to get what they were excluded from, and even going so far as to invent methods of far-reaching travel to go places their kind has never been. And some say they have gone too far in this. I’m not writing this to rationalize racism, but it certainly does seem a lot like the abused person who goes on to become abusive. I’m not a believer in karma or just-world hypothesis, as I believe these are victim-blaming ideologies.


Meanwhile, Africa, like a spoiled child, is still the most materially wealthy continent on the planet, where huge troves of petrol, uranium, gold, diamonds, and other treasures not even valuable to ancient societies still lay buried, and yet it is horribly managed, and conditions there are miserable. And this has NOTHING to do with the ‘white devil’!


Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe, went so far as to remove all white farmers from the country in 2014. By 2016, he wanted them back. His country is starving, and he needs the farming skills of the whites to feed his people. ‘Africans a liberate Zimbabwe’, sang Bob Marley…  and yet this ‘liberation’ of a people who were never forced by hardship to develop farming skills, retaining a tribal hunter-gatherer mentality well into the 21st century, has only lead to disaster.

Now, if Mugabe’s policies aren’t evidence enough of racism against whites in present-day Africa, consider the fact that albinos born to Africans are treated terribly to this day. Their body parts are viewed as lucky charms, and they are basically hunted and tortured to death.

Some people call this ‘reverse racism’. This term, ironically, is what it purports to describe, for it implies that whites invented racism. This most probably isn’t true, and it ignores the conflicts between other races (Palestinians vs Israelis, Indians vs Pakistani, and Chinese vs Japanese, to name just a few) that white people have NOTHING TO DO WITH. The truth is, whites have done as much or more than any other race of people to end racism. We’re just not getting any credit for it from a bunch of abusive, exploitative PROJECTORS.

And thus, the entire narrative of the mainstream media AND post-secondary education system is revisionist, unscientific, and in denial of reality:

Reverse Racism

You’re wrong about the working class, I hope they kick your Berkeley ass


Imagine a classroom in Soviet Russia. Or Cultural Revolution China. Or perhaps Castro’s Cuba…  Students mirroring similar dogma at eachother, monolithicly. No arguments. It all seems very civilized, until you realize that this false consensus is the direct result of dissenters being shot, or confined to a Gulag.


But here in our insulated, idealist country, we think of that as some far away tragedy of history. It could never happen in the good old US of A…  right?


Well, unfortunately, because of recent riots at Berkeley, we can’t really say that anymore. Now, a lot of those involved or allied will say that, because this action was undertaken by a ‘rebel faction’, and not an established power, it’s actually a righteous insurrection, rather than authoritarian oppression. But given the fact that these are the children of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Microsoft, many of whom are ‘Trustifarians’, their proletarian cred is highly suspect. If you can afford to live and go to school in that area of the country, you probably do not come from a poor background.

Whatever happened to ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it’?

And let me be clear: I don’t like Milo. I don’t like Trump. I don’t like Ann Coulter. I’m not defending the Nazi-looking guy who punched Moldylocks. I’m no Randroid. In my 20’s, I was a libertarian pot dealer who, confronted with classism in college, started reading Chomsky, and eventually started calling myself ‘libertarian socialist’. I voted for Obama and Hillary. I don’t complain when I pay my taxes. I know that life deals some a bad hand, and as a relatively privileged person, I want to help, to the extent that I comfortably can.

On the other hand, every time I have tried to network with socialists and ‘left anarchists’, what I have found is that their communities are hypocritically dependent upon censorship. It’s necessary to maintain the echo chamber. From liberals blocking dissenters on Facebook to ban-happy Reddit forum moderators, it seems as though censorship, often enforced through violence, is a load-bearing pillar of any socialist movement, whether in China or America.


But what these rich brats throwing fits don’t seem to realize is: there is no difference between China censoring the internet and the moderators of r/socialism banning people who bring up white poverty or male vs female conviction/incarceration rates. And have you checked out r/anarchism recently? It very much resembles the aforementioned communist classroom, with the mirrored dogma, monolithic ideology, primitive tribal circles, and the ban-hammer enforced false consensus. r/LibertarianSocialism has gotten so hypocritically left-authoritarian, I’ve actually started calling myself ‘centrist anti-authoritarian’, just to distinguish myself from both the SJWs AND the ‘alt-right’.

I myself have been banned from these forums, simply for attempting to challenge these brainwashed minions’ postulates with logic, facts, and reason, and have been forced to spectate while such absurdities as ‘Capitalism, not socialism, is Venezuela’s problem’, is passed off as indisputable fact. I can’t help but think that, just like comments-disabled blogs, this community has been engineered to feed into confirmation bias. On the other hand, if you go into r/libertarian and start talking about the exploitation of the working class by business owners, or ridiculous CEO pay, you might get ridiculed, but they won’t ban you.

How ironic is it that George W Bush’s words have become the same words of ‘liberal anarchists?’ Antifa revisionists don’t want you to remember these speeches:

I mean, seriously, I remember there being speakers at my college I wasn’t interested in or didn’t agree with. I didn’t protest them. I just didn’t attend. If it had really bothered me that bad, I would have just changed schools. Let me tell you this: If I were an affluent parent, I certainly wouldn’t send my kids to Berkeley. I’d send them to a school where they could learn something useful, like engineering, computer programming, or molecular biology, not ‘how to bitch like a crybaby when you don’t get exactly what you want out of life’. Are the administrators of Berkeley so nostalgic for their misspent youth in the 60’s that they are actually encouraging this behavior?

The dead canary in the socialist mine, for me, was liberal reddit discussion groups. It’s so easy to get banned from them for saying anything even slightly out-of-narrative. And then, unless you make a new account, you are forced to spectate, while they ask stupid questions of each other like ‘Why do the middle class hate the lower class?’ with the official answer, parroted by everyone ‘Because they are conditioned to.’ When asked ‘by whom?’ They will say ‘The upper class’, but if you ask me, these fucking Berkely Trustifarians ARE the upper class of their generation.Of course, I could explain to them ‘The middle class hates both the upper AND lower class, because they perceive both to be over-privileged loafers, sponging off of middle-class labor (not only that, but many working class people are content not to hate ANYONE, in fact my working-class Christian Republican family is quite active in philanthropy)’, but if I said that, my new account would get banned.

What I’ve found is that, an overwhelming biomass of young, naive idealists seems idyllic, but there will always be some Hitler-esque social politicians who will take advantage, saying ‘I’m against those things everyone hates. Vote for me.’ then when they are empowered by the community, they scapegoat some unpopular person or group for all of society’s ills, putting them in a subordinate social class. Virtue-signaling will always be used for social misdirection in a naive, idealistic college-liberal town.

This ostracism is methodical and deliberate, and meant to socially disenfranchise the political opposition. It’s the palpable liberal bias that demonizes financial capital (which I totally understand), but looks the other way on the abuses of social capital by unwashed proles. While they acknowledge the the abuse by the financial establishment, and to a lesser extent the state establishment, they refuse to acknowledge the abuses of the SOCIAL ESTABLISHMENT. They are willfully oblivious to the concept of social capital. And that’s why they are called ‘liberal regressives’, ie, liberals who claim to be progressive, but are actually an impediment to progress, burdening everything with bureaucratic drag. I’m telling you, I’m working class, been working my ass off for the past 20 years, and have even endured government persecution for cultivating entheogens, but as a middle-aged white male, all these people have ever done for me is get in my way, accuse me of being over-privileged, and attempt to stick me with their bills.

Rest assured, if these kids were a rebel faction in Africa, they would be classified as hardline communists, a threat to mineral rights investments, and unceremoniously bombed…  But because they are Americans, they get their right to free speech, even though they deny that same right to others…  Much like the racists on the right, they expect tolerance towards themselves, but refuse to tolerate others. And these crazies are right in my neighborhood, too!  It’s like I’m caught in a gang war, and I don’t want to be mistaken for either side.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start dressing like a bumblebee and jocking bitcoin, but my point is that it seems to me as that ‘anarcho-communism’ is plain-old COMMUNISM, just as much as ‘anarcho-capitalism’ is plain old CAPITALISM. 50 years ago, anarchism was not thought of as communist or capitalist. It was acknowledged that capitalism requires an authoritarian state to guard the haves from the have-nots, just as communism requires an authoritarian state to quash political dissent. And both hypocritical sides are still doing those things today, but now they have the audacity to brand themselves as ‘anarchist’ while doing it. It’s disgusting!


There has never been a kick-ass punk band named ‘Black and Red Flag’ or ‘Black and Yellow Flag’. It’s just BLACK FLAG. And speaking of punk, here’s a song that I think perfectly sums up this whole stupid conflict:

What’s Worse Than Dying Alone? I’ll Tell Ya.

So last night, as I slept fitfully in my fortress of bachelor solitude, in my dreams, my father came to me and he said:

“Son, I understand all this MGTOW and MRA stuff you’re doing right now, and I’m not gonna say that you’re wrong in any of your points, but my point to you is ‘What’s worse than dying alone?'”


I woke up to this, and had some deep shower thoughts about it. Ultimately, I decided that becoming my father is worse than dying alone.

Now, you gotta understand, my father’s a moderately successful man. Made good money, married well, lives on an island, in an ivory tower. We’d all be lucky to be doing as well as he has, and many of us, sadly, won’t. But he’s stated publicly, many times, that if he weren’t married, he’d give it all up, live on the swamp, in a trailer, and just go fishing all the time.


And if you had a decent career, made six figures for 20 or 30 years, that’s entirely possible. With all the principle and equity you have in 401k’s and real estate, at age 70+ you’ve probably got a million dollars, which isn’t really that much these days, but still, you could invest that smartly, and expect at least $50,000/yr interest income, live in the swamp, hunt alligators, or do an Indian motorcycle hostel tour of Europe, like you wanted to when you were young but couldn’t, because unlike the rich kids, you went to Vietnam. Or you could even put that money into a good nursing home, where they would keep you strung out on fentanyl until you died. Fentanyl is good shit, man.


But that’s not enough to keep the missus happy, so you don’t do that kinda fun stuff. Instead, you keep working, well into your 70’s, just so you can uphold a standard of living insisted upon by an old bag, who doesn’t do much for you any more. And no, I’m not referring to my mother. My mother’s a saint my father left behind, for the sake of status symbols, in the go-go Reagan 80’s. But let’s not embarrass dear old Dad and Gangy anymore than we already have…


Let’s generalize the scenario, and apply it to our own generation, which is different from the Boomers’ in key ways. Me, for instance: I just turned 36. I’m a college graduate, with ten years professional experience in the software industry. Even at the foothills of middle age, I feel that I have a bright future to anticipate. I don’t look bad, either. A girl could do a lot worse.


At my age, they say ‘all the good ones are taken’. And for the most part, they’re right…  Single women my age, best case scenario, are the victims of male sexual entitlement, having been ‘alpha-widowed’, which is to say, left behind by some high-status male like my old man, who wanted a newer trophy. I honestly believe that this scenario is more rare in my generation, because in my generation, men have more social conscience, and women, for the most part, have less. In other words, the key difference between GenX/Y and Boomers is that, due to 3rd-wave feminist empowerment, men are actually more likely to be ‘alpha-widowered’ than women. Which is exactly what has given rise to the whole modern MRA/MGTOW movement!

So here I am, 36 years old, and hormones don’t control my behavior anymore. Don’t get me wrong, when I see, through the window of a nightclub, a young, hot, 21-year-old girl dancing, as I’m walking by, on the way to the folk-music pub where everyone knows my name, I’m tempted to go in there and throw some of my disposable income at her. But I know from experience that I would be admonished as a ‘dirty old man’ for doing so, probably upset the delicate social eco-system of all the not-as-well-established guys her own age who want to fuck her (or perhaps already have), and she wouldn’t end up taking me seriously, anyway. Even if I did make it into the VIP section of her little personal club, she’d eventually rationalize pump-and-dumping me, because at their age, they’re all probably either sluts or teases. Or both, relative to different people, as the situation entices.


So I’m told to stick with women my own age. But they aren’t attractive to me. Especially the ones who’ve been left in the ‘single’ pile for awhile, often with good cause. What am I, supposed to feel sorry for them? That’s kinda difficult, seeing how I was there when, 10 or 15 years ago, they were the slutty teases dancing in clubs. And I watched them abandon many good men for superficial reasons, which they then rationalized to their friends, thus poisoning those men’s reputations with other women, in addition to breaking his heart, all to make themselves look and feel better about getting bored and wanting more varied sexual experience with that poor guy’s friends and relatives.


And if that broken-hearted guy reacted to this in any way but a good-natured ‘Thank you, sir, may I have another?’, then not only did their exes turn the community’s women against him, but they turned the males against him as well. Because when young women of primitive social ethics insist ‘he bad man’, other men eventually form a crude posse, complete with with pointy sticks and rocks, and chase the ‘bad man’ away, just so they can impress the opposite sex. We call those ‘white knights’, in my generation, and there are plenty of them. Their stock is replenished progressively in the next generation, even as it is depleted by experience-based disillusionment in the current generation. As those who peddle and exploit optimistic idealism know, there’s a sucker born every minute.


And most single women, at my age, have some bullshit like that in their background. Meanwhile, I had my head down, was graduating college and starting a career. And enduring years-long periods of social alienation that most women, with their expectations of social privilege, quite frankly, probably couldn’t survive. But now, I’m supposed to grovel for their approval, like a true southern gentleman, knowing full well how decadent, socially over-privileged, and non-committal they used to be, with their current acquiescence to ‘family values’ surely the product of some desperate survival instinct. These are known as ‘hamsters’ who have ‘hit the wall’.


And as black as their pasts may be, their futures seem to be even worse. They say the true test of love is to add fifty years or fifty pounds to the subject of your affection, and see if you still love them. Also, add to that a net financial loss from her low income that doesn’t cover her expansive tastes, frequent sabbaticals, and failed pottery studios. The hotter she is, or was, the higher maintenance, and hence, more hemorrhaging money, putting your Indian motorcycle retirement even more in jeopardy.


So, what’s worse than dying alone?

Being a slave to depreciating assets, man.

Passive vs Active Sexism

I think we all know what active sexism looks like. The 2016 election has provided us with many examples. Although I am not known as a feminist, I admit that Donald Trump has said some things in his campaign that are deplorable. Ultimately, I believe Donald Trump is a demagogue using common prejudices of the lower class to incite division and drum up partisan support for his candidacy, and  that’s extremely manipulative.


Unfortunately, overt sexism, racism, and other forms of prejudice are not the worst social problems that America’s cultural melting pot faces. As with most social problems, the less obvious ones, left to fester in the dark underbelly of society, are actually worse than the obvious red herrings.

The most obvious examples of overt sexism are the guys who say these sexist things in public, and thus become whipping boys for PC liberals. The weapon liberal society types use against men of this type is social alienation. Regardless of whether his opinions come from ignorance, negative life experience, or being brainwashed by worse bigots, society’s ‘solution’ is to alienate this person.

‘Let him have his stupid opinion in the corner, alone,’ they say, ‘And when he’s ready to start towing the community line, perhaps start including him again (but only at the lowest tier of our social hierarchy).’


The problem? This is meant to set a social example, but ends up setting that community up to be invaded by a lot of ‘false flag’ liberal idealists, which is to say: people who say what they have to in order to get what they want. And so, you end up with these territorial, protectionist White Knights, who espouse feminist ideals, but over time, their behavior, and how it conflicts with their carefully-crafted public image, kind of reveals who they truly are. But by that time, a bunch of beta males have been bullied, and a bunch of women have been sexually exploited, by these wolves in sheeps’ clothing.


So here’s this guy who is a guard dog, his pretentious ego boosted by random sexual encounters generated through schmoozing, and he’s projecting his own sexism onto everyone who challenges the turf of his ever-expanding sexual conquest. And I’ve seen social pressures create a lot of these monsters hiding in human skin.

Many local men in my community have become this through sexual brainwashing. What’s so distressing and disillusioning is how obvious they are to their fellow men, while at the same time fooling naive females. For example, I once worked in an office with several of these types of guys. They were all card-carrying Democrats, many of them outspoken atheists. And in their outward demeanor, they were prone to express very feminist rhetoric.


The flipside of that coin? Most of them went to strip clubs every weekend. They got around a lot more than me. And in private, amongst their male co-workers, there was a lot of what Trump would refer to as ‘male locker-room talk’. One guy gets a blow job from a hot model, he brags to all his friends about it, his elders pat him on the back and say ‘atta boy’. When I talked to the subject of this conversation, which turned my stomach a bit to be included in, she said ‘Oh, I love [your co-worker]. He’s such a gentleman.’ It’s enough to make anyone of social conscience quite jaded, which is exactly what they want. They want to deflate your ego and confidence in society, because that puts you in the corner even more, so there is more for them.

These same people have referred to me as ‘misogynist’ simply for maintaining a male rights advocacy blog, sold me short to women in my community by downplaying my career skills, exaggerating my shortcomings, et cetera… So these people are actually quite sexist. They seek a better sex life at the expense of the have-nots, proving that social capitalists can be equally as ruthless as financial capitalists. And I’m just sitting here, waiting for a woman of my physical and personality type, who is smart enough to see through this bullshit.

suspicious angry young woman on white background

The truth is, women can be very sexist in this way, too. In the same way that men rate women by their bra size, women can often rate men by their penis size, how long they last, et cetera. The worst is when they think of the measure of a man as how many or the quality of women that he gets. This is basically reducing the measure of a man to a factor that they control, and they control it not just individually, but via socially engineering groupthink.

Social democrats are bandwagon-jumpers. They won’t feel guilty about something that everyone around them is doing, because they feel validated by the crowd. Public approval is often more important to them than ethical correctness.


Of course, just because some people are better at getting what they want does NOT make them better people. Here we see the wise at odds with the clever, and most of the bystanders are too stupid to root for the right person, because subtlety goes right over their heads.

And ultimately, the effect of chivalry on women is not positive! The social privilege therefrom makes them more dependent and less skilled. This is a modern social problem exacerbated by 3rd Wave ‘Feminists’, who want to have their cake and eat it too: they want equal rights AND their doors held open for them, which is where they cross the line from feminism into female chauvinism, because privilege and equality simply CANNOT co-exist.


As someone who loves strong, independent, educated women, I lament to see the most beautiful and desirable of females get sucked into this kind of ‘model mentality’, where they think the world owes them a living simply for winning a genetic lottery, they are able to coax men into doing/paying everything for them, and when they get older and their looks fade, they don’t have anything to fall back on! I feel sorry for the end-of-the-line guy who ends up marrying these women, often out of desperation, because they tend to be spoiled, and bitter about no longer getting everything they want for free or being ‘sexually exploited’ by so many men.  They’re simply bad relationship material.


And that’s why I think it’s so important to judge people by their behavior rather then their speech, because so many these days are merely ‘playing politics’, and there’s nothing socially just about it. Conversely, in the age of misinformation, reputation is often a very malleable thing that manipulative social politicians use to keep people apart, turn some people into whores, and others into spinsters.


The Cultural Marxist’s Playbook


What is Cultural Marxism?  Some people define Cultural Marxism as ‘an ideology which emphasizes culture as a main cause of inequalities.‘  Others define Cultural Marxism as ‘The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state.’  Still others dismiss the whole idea of Cultural Marxism as a ‘right-wing conspiracy theory’, worthy only of a footnote in a German political history text.

I hate to say that I have personally witnessed Cultural Marxism firsthand, in Austin, TX.  It’s a very politically and financially polarized college town, and I believe that Cultural Marxism is prevalent here to a degree, because this town was built to exploit in-group/out-group politics via fraternity-esque social classism, so the practices of Cultural Marxist exploiters play right into that, as well as into the ‘college liberal’ PC/SJW culture.  After all, college is the place where promising youngsters are homogenized into blank slugs for the corporate machine, so that makes it pretty easy for bad influences to hi-jack the signal, and inject their own programming.

Austin residents have actually become so paranoid about becoming the victims of Culturally Marxist local social establishments, that even the rednecks act ‘politically correct’, if only because they don’t want to be accused of ‘intersectionality‘, the irony here being that Cultural Marxism is far more institutionalized than Intersectionality, even in little old Austin, TX!  If you ask me, Intersectionality is a Dallas thing, and Cultural Marxism is an Austin thing.  I consider myself a refugee from Dallas Intersectionality who ran to Austin for some liberal empathy and compassion, only to find myself a victim of Austin Cultural Marxism.

I think it’s totally possible to be the victim of both Intersectionality AND Cultural Marxism at once, or more commonly in direct sequence: If you are a cannabis user, no matter your race, the bigoted government will rob you and confine you to an artificially low social class, and then liberal Cultural Marxists of the community will take advantage of your shitty situation, by selling you short with one compromising situation or another.


I was having a conversation with a local male feminist about Miss USA dumping Tim Tebow because he practices abstinence, and he said that the NFL star needed to be ‘reprogrammed’.  I said ‘What do you think a shrink is gonna do for this guy besides reinforce his pre-existing value system?’  People put way too much stock in shrinks in this town.  It’s a replacement that atheists use instead of religion.  Instead of confessing to a priest, you confess to a shrink. Instead of being advised by a clergyman, you are advised by a therapist. Instead of the dogma being controlled by the Vatican, it is controlled by the academic elite. Instead of Heaven and Hell, there is assimilation and commitment. Instead of a tithe there is an insurance premium. Instead of congregation there is group. Instead of communion wafers there are anti-depressants.

There is very little difference between psychology and religion. Both are for people who are too stupid or scared to think for themselves, and make their own choices.  Anyway, shrinks are professional yes-men who reaffirm whatever you want them to as long as your payments clear.  That’s why everyone thinks they are right all the time here, because they have a shrink that tells them they are right.  It’s probably the same guy telling everyone they are right, even bitter enemies with directly conflicting agendas.  His throwing up a green light in all directions makes me question whether the shrink is a psycho, actually.

Anyway, my point being that Austinites aren’t very good at living up to the stereotype of being good social liberals, tolerant of others’ cultures.  Look what happened when this guy’s Cadillac rims got badly critiqued on reddit.  Perfect example of Culturally Marxist intolerance, complete with appeal to authority in order to induce State intervention:


I don’t know what’s worse sometimes: that Austin has become too ‘Hollywood’, or that it’s the phony, overly-idealistic, snooty, spoiled liberals who hypocritically complain the loudest about Austin becoming too ‘Hollywood’.  Too many princesses, not enough people willing to be subjugated as peasants. Irrational fantasies conflict.  Douchebag photographers and Southern beauty queens manipulating eachother to a point where you can’t tell who is exploiting whom.  What’s sad is that Cultural Marxism has actually been used in extremely closed and elitist modelling communities by Machiavellian moguls who attempt to have a monopoly on beauty.

It seems like there are so many locals who have ‘gone Hollywood’: Models, photographers, SJWs, cokeheads, DJs, swingers, etc… They even had a nightclub party called ‘Damn the Paparazzi’. Yeah, there’s lots of paparazzi around here. You wish your life were that interesting.  Austin people being Hollywood is the definition of ‘pretentious’.  If you could understand the ridiculousness of Texans imitating stereotypical Hollywood culture, and then complaining when actual Californians move here trying to get away from all that, then you would understand the ridiculousness of this town.  Of course, these are the same people who use words like ‘poseur’, ‘inauthentic’, and ‘cultural misappropriation’.


As an avowed socialist, I find it important to say that Cultural Marxism is not exclusively linked to economic socialism, as some of the biggest Cultural Marxists I’ve met here were avid capitalists, people who try to exploit systemic AND inherent imbalances in order to bend the people around them to their wills.  Think of the movie ‘Trading Places’ with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.  The Duke brothers in that movie broke a rich white man down, and built a poor black man up using the principles of Cultural Marxism, despite the fact that they were avowed capitalists, though some may question how true Scotsmen they could possibly be, if they were willing to abandon business ethics and common sense the way they did, in order to hurt someone they knew to be good, and help someone completely random, of unknown status.  But regardless of their professed and actual politics, cultural Marxists can be easily identified by their behavior.


So what does a Cultural Marxist’s playbook of tactics and ideologies look like?

1.  In order to make someone what you want them to be, you must first break down their pre-existing identity.


After reflecting on this anti-Muslim Austin shit, I have this to say: It didn’t become obvious to me how prejudiced, xenophobic, and classist Texans are until I moved from one Texan city to another.  I mean, I had some idea, but I guess in my hometown I was somewhat on the winning end of it.  Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely people who were pretentious about being too rich, too popular, or too pretty for me in my hometown, but at the very least, I had a  place, which is more than I can say that Austin has offered me so far.  Though my hometown’s opportunities for creative people were highly limited, I was at least somewhat respected by the local establishments and institutions, because I grew up there and they could clearly trace my social lineage.

Austin has been highly different: there are plenty of opportunities for my kind of people here, but they are hoarded by a social elite of cliquey protectionists. Even as a person of relatively privileged background (I’m actually the product of a mixed-class divorce, so my background is a bit hard to define- suffice to say that I am familiar with a broad spectrum of social and financial classes), I have been exploited, oppressed, and misclassified by small-minded locals. And so often it is done by people who consider themselves ‘progressive’, often rationalized with liberal rhetoric.

Austinites will not even tolerate ‘normal’ white Judeo-Christian people from Dallas, SA, or Houston, so why do you think they would tolerate foreign national Muslims? Muslims have Christian capitalist conservative enemies here. They also have liberal atheist feminist enemies here. They want a piece of the Austin pie? It won’t come easy. I’m not endorsing that fact, just acknowledging it.  The social conflicts between varying flavors of ideological purism and cultural Marxism will tear a new-jack down in this town.  You start out young, naive idealist College Freshman, and end up jaded, hardened, wizened College Senior.


The locals see outsiders as one of two things: blank lumps of clay to be molded to the local whims, or ‘closed-minded people’, and if you have any kind of integrity or identity, the locals are not going to really respect that unless it’s compatible with their own.  Seeing how petty white, upper-middle class, Judeo-Christian capitalists are with eachother, I can only imagine how they are to a person of completely different race, religion, and nationality.

The local reaction to this Anti-Muslim incident has been blame-shifty as Hell. Conservatives have been blamed (‘Damn intolerant hicks!’).  Out-of-towners have been blamed (‘Only people who don’t understand what Austin is all about would do that’).  Of course, those pointing fingers have no justification to assume that the ‘racists’ who did this were strictly conservative. There are liberals who are bigoted and conservatives who aren’t racist. No one wants to admit that most people are at least a little prejudiced. They actually make ‘non-prejudice’ an ‘us and them’ thing. Which is ridiculously hypocritical, and only encourages socio-political polarization.

The sad reality of which I am a perfect example, is that even if you are a white, Judeo-Christian, and upper-middle-class out-of-towner, there are many Austinite locals who will still refuse to accept you in any but a subservient and assimilating role, simply because you are not from here.  They don’t recognize you as one of the people they went to one of the local high schools with, so you will always be a second-class citizen to them.  There is also quite a bit of ‘Austinite exceptionalism’ going on, where the locals get to be royalty by way of social privilege, and the transplants have to swim or sink due to lack of social capital and independent agency.  Hell, even if you share the same weirdo niche interests with the locals: socialism, environmentalism, New Ageism, atheism, recreational drug use, scene subcultures, alternative diets, polyamorism, etc, they are still going to treat you like a new-jack and make you pay dues, and by the time they finally accept you, you will resent them and no longer want to be a member of their group.

They might use the state to break you down, or your career, or your school, or your church, or whatever.  They might use the counter-culture or the underground to do it.  Whatever they have control of, from the highest office to the lowest dungeon.  Cultural Marxists exist at all levels of society.  And they aren’t just going after religious fundamentalists and conservatives, either, but a lot of them attack the subcultures as well.  Whether you are a punk, metalhead, Burner or whatever, they don’t like that and want you to be more mainstream and mass-marketable.


2.  A fish-out-of-water or newcomer will be easy to control, socially, because they have low social capital and agency, especially relative to the local establishments.


Because they don’t know anyone, trust the wrong people, don’t trust anyone, are either too open- or too closed-minded, and thus predictably manipulated.  Literally any new entrant’s social, legal, or professional status can be manipulated socially by their new community, as these are all dependent upon social class that is malleable by perception.  Remember that money, social class, etc, are all social and legal constructs, and thus can be manipulated socially and systemically by those with more pull than the intended victim.

This is what Ayn Rand would refer to as ‘the Aristocracy of Pull’, as much as I hate to quote Ayn Rand.  Basically a popular, desirable, or especially capable person could be just as socially over-privileged as someone of high financial class, and there are plenty of broke-but-popular performers who are examples of that.  This is why cultural Marxists tend to favor college town environments, because they are full of non-local residents, who are easy to manipulate, because they are young, open-minded, and socially unincorporated with the locals.  In such a town, the local establishment usually exists solely to fleece the college flock.

Because so much of what defines us as people is actually a social construct, with little to do with our intrinsic natures, cultural Marxist can use that to make people into the antithesis of themselves.  Think about it: when you say that someone is ‘classy’, is that because they intrinsically have class, or because they were raised a certain way?  In other words, is that variable internally or externally defined?  Stripped of their money and social support structures, would this person also be stripped of their ‘class’?  What if they are only ‘classy’ because they are cloistered, and haven’t had the opportunity to misbehave?

And that’s exactly how the cultural Marxists strips them of their class by convincing them of this idealistic delusion of a classless society.  You believe in that and let your behavior follow that belief, and you will eventually end up in a lower social class than you started.  Probably lower than the people who sold you down that river.  And you might notice that those people sell a lot of people down that river.

3.  You can control someone’s actions (and therefore the public’s perception of their identities) by controlling their personal circumstances.


A sure sign of prejudice is actively restricting someone from being a good person, and then blaming them for being a bad person.  This is basically just ‘why are you hitting yourself’, where people are put into a ‘damaged goods’ class and then not allowed to be anything but a victim thereafter.

Examples: deprived of money or legitimate employment, a person may turn to crime and can then be intervened upon by rationalization that they are intrinsically a criminal. Deprived of sex or other meaningful social contact, they will act in a predictably anti-social or phonily schmoozing manner, etc…  If you send some black people to consistently antagonize someone or rob them, they may develop racial complexes.  If you tell gay people to mess with them, they are going to become homophobes, etc, which brings me to my next point:

4.  Self-fulfilling social prophecies:


If you tell everyone that someone is a sexist, racist, or classist, the other races, sexes, and classes will treat them poorly, and they will eventually become what you have called them. At that point, they can be victimized in the typical way that sexists, classists, and racists will be victimized by a liberal community. The underlying principle here is that people will become what you have convinced the people around them that they are. Thus, even if you are wrong at first, they will eventually fulfill your expectations, if you put them in the right social conditions.

Note that Cultural Marxists will almost always omit the first part of that story.  The part where you were nice and open-minded when you first arrived in their environment, and one by one, their entire community ripped you off until you then became ‘closed-minded and uncool’.  What they’re gonna tell everyone is that you simply are an asshole and always were, and none of their actions or the actions of their friends had anything to do with it.

5.  Misinformation is the cultural Marxist’s bread-and-butter.


Remember, the cultural Marxist takes advantage of information deficits between you and your community.  Because your community doesn’t know much about you, an unscrupulous person can easily mischaracterize you as this or that.  They can tell lies about your private behavior, past or present.  Single and lonely?  They can create the impression that you are the biggest player in town, and thus keep people away from you by making them believe that you don’t NEED any more friends.  They can convince the world you are feasting when you are actually the victim of famine.

Cultural Marxists love to create this impression of a ‘Participation Trophy Society’, because it creates this false standard that everyone actually got a participation trophy.  The reality is that some people didn’t, and some people’s trophies were nicer than others.  A Cultural Marxist Panglosses that over.  They create the perception of privilege and stability in individuals who have never enjoyed either, just so they can continue to prop up those who have always had both!

They can perpetuate terrible situations for you, using nothing but gossip power.  The thing that they love to do most is convince people that you are the opposite of who you actually are, so that way you will be perpetually misunderstood by those around you.  Even if the well-intentioned in your community want to help you, which they probably won’t because you’ve been demonized, but they wouldn’t know how anyway, because they’ve been misled about how you actually are and what you actually need to be happy.  The misinformationists have convinced them you are a gay, meth-addicted, rapist racist, when in fact you are merely a serial monogamist who smokes pot and prefers fair-haired, pale-skinned ladies.

6.  Social ostricization is the cultural Marxist’s weapon of choice.


The idea is that, even if capitalists or the government were able to build a materially perfect world (I don’t believe this is possible, but assume for a minute), social liberals could still ruin it socially, by making everyone emotionally miserable, usually in protest for some pie-in-the-sky cause that very few people care about.  And they do it with polyamory, race-baiting, divisive echo chambers, etc…  Creating artificial social problems for someone who is otherwise healthy and normal, usually as a means of negative reinforcement, in order to manipulate the target into changing their behavior in the desired way, for the purpose of ending the negative stimulus.

Consider this: a handsome man or beautiful woman moves to town.  S/he has money and education.  Obviously, this person will be high status, and give little consideration to people and things which are ‘beneath them’.  But if you destroy their social life collectively, demonize them professionally, criminalize them systemically, that will bring them down to a lower level of society, and now they will compromise in ways they never dreamed of doing before.  Then this compromise will be fundamentally misattributed to their identity, or some aspect of their core being, rather than to the crummy situation that the community has collectively put them in.  For men, it’s usually a ploy to get to your money, your connections, or perhaps even your extraordinary capabilities.  For women, a ploy for sexual exploitation.

7.  Cultural Marxism is highly correlated with sexual and racial ambiguity. 


Hate to say it, but transgenders, with their ill-conceived notion of ‘fluid gender identity’ are extremely guilty here, as are plain old gays, bis, and polys, all of whom depend upon people with poorly defined self-concepts for ‘new recruits’.  Also, people who want to have sex with those outside of their race, or stick others with inter-racial partners.  These people can all be perverts who tend to prey upon normal people who want to ‘experiment’ in college.  Now, don’t get me wrong: transgenders, gays, and inter-racial relationship advocates don’t HAVE to be culturally Marxist, by definition, but frequently they are.

Think about it: these people can say that race is a social construct, and they can even get people to believe that, but the only way to truly eliminate race is to make everyone a mulatto with no perception of ethnic roots.  Now, I don’t have a problem with black men going after white women.  I really don’t, unless it’s the same one I want.  Some white women can only be satisfied by a black man, and that’s their prerogative.  I’ve had white women discriminate against me for reasons far pettier than skin color, ie: I wore the wrong jacket, so I figure if a black guy finds a white woman who’s into him, more power to the guy.

On the other hand, that leaves a lot of black women jilted, and who do the Cultural Marxists try to set them up with?  That’s right: beta white guy!  Beta white guy will settle for a black girl.  We’ve kept him single for years.  He must be desperate by now.  All the skinny white girls passed him up, because we called him ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’, and that’s so uncool.  Now’s his chance to prove us wrong.  Stick him with a black girl. Make sure she’s overweight, too, get some body-type acceptance going there, as well.  Basically, let’s give the beta white guy Precious.  He should be thankful he gets anyone.


Of course, once you’ve gotten the beta white guy to fuck a black chick out of desperation, you can just as easily accuse him of exploiting woman of lower social and financial class by subjecting her to a possessive and exploitative patriarchal relationship…  That’s pretty much what liberal revisionist historians did to Thomas Jefferson.  Sorry, I’d fuck a black girl, but I don’t want to be accused of being a ‘slave rapist’ 200 years from now. And the misinformationists are getting so bold that they now do that to people within their own lifetime!  Of course, I guess it all depends upon whether or not you got the girl off.  Let’s not pretend, even for a second, that there aren’t feminists out there who will, post hoc, call sex that was, at the time consensual, ‘rape’.


My point:  I can’t hate black men for liking white women, or women with paler skin than themselves.  I like white women, especially those more pale than myself.  I’m just saying that biracial romance, on a mass scale, creates logistical complications that can leave some people out if they don’t want to compromise, and still others never even get offered the opportunity to compromise!

Of course, the feminist matriarchy will always intervene to protect a woman’s right to be romantically racist, ensuring that they are never made to feel racist for maintaining racial romantic preferences, but they most certainly don’t offer men this same service.  It’s more likely they will racially ad hominem the man who prefers some races to others in dating.

8.  Cultural Marxists tend to be atheists.


Look at the bumper-sticker above.  Did a Cultural Marxist make that?  NO!  A multi-culturalist did.  A Cultural Marxist, like Stalin, doesn’t want anyone to have a religion or a culture unique to their geographical region, genetic heritage, or even their personal tastes!  Cultural Marxists are globalists, Statists, and Authoritarians.  A multi-culturalist celebrates diversity, and a Cultural Marxist wants to eliminate it altogether.  That’s the difference between the two.  Cultural Marxists aren’t the KKK, and they aren’t the Black Panthers either.  They are people who are intolerantly GREY.  They want everyone to be generic and interchangeable, with no relative strengths, weaknesses, or individually defining characteristics.

Let’s all be interchangeable Lego blocks for the Cultural Marxists.  Anyway, I’m not much of a religious person, but I do see value in spirituality, the religious component of world culture, the historical significance of figures like Christ, Buddha, etc…  That’s more tolerance than you will get from an atheist.

9.  Cultural Marxists use your desires and needs to get you to conform to their expectations.


You new in town?  Well I guess you want employment, social accommodation, food, and shelter, right?  Well, then you are going to have to do/be A, B, and C, because all the employers, landlords, and social groups around here only accept those who are A, B, and C, and they specifically hate X, Y, and Z, so you better not be those at all!

The lines you hear from Cultural Marxists are often generalizations about the local community that imply you must conform with local expectations in some way in order to fit in socially (and often by extension professionally, and even legally).  In other words: ‘No one around here hires Republicans’, or ‘Everyone around here hates Male Rights Advocates.’  Key words: no one and everyone.  I always tell those people that no one likes generalizers, but the irony is usually lost on them.

The bottom line: Cultural Marxists cock-block you, deny you employment, etc… for ‘liberal reasons’… but the end result is a stagnant or even regressive society, so you can’t really call them ‘progressives’… They may think of themselves that way, but their deliberate misapplication of liberal ideologies does not lead to a progressive society. Also, most of their ‘crusading’ behavior is entirely self-serving, but masked as altruism.

10.  Cultural Marxists are con artists who fly false flags of liberal idealism.


‘You’re not racist, are you?  That’s good, because I’m collecting for inner-city children’s basketball teams.’  You don’t want to be racist, so you give that guy your money.  He goes around the corner and spends it on crack.  You find out it was a scam later.  You feel stupid.  You stop trusting black people.  Black people pick up on that, and start calling you ‘racist’.  It’s a negative feedback loop created by liberal pettiness.

The sad truth is that liberal ideals are commonly the basis of urban scams.  Growing up in Dallas, I learned to ignore the word ‘Hey!’ when traversing the ghetto, because a zillion experiences interacting with ghetto people had taught me that if you make eye contact with that person, their next words will be, ‘You got a cigarette/dollar/ride uptown/spare kidney?’  Of course, when you ignore people in this way you are at risk of being called ‘racist’, no matter how many taxes you pay or how much you donate to local charities.  ‘There goes that racist classist who doesn’t even want to acknowledge the poor or blacks.’

Of course, these same people will not hesitate to stereotype white people via Privilege Politics, and all of the racist assumptions they entail.

11.  Cultural Marxists tend to be non-confrontational backstabbers and well-poisoners.


Think about it.  If someone called you racist, sexist, or classist to your face, you’d be able to defend yourself pretty well, right?  You could probably provide examples of past incidents where you have helped the less fortunate, express some kind of current idealism, or even produce witnesses of the female, ethnic, or financially destitute variety, who could testify on your behalf.

That’s why cultural Marxists almost NEVER confront their victims directly.  Their whole goal is to create a public misperception of you that will totally ruin your social life, without ever giving you a chance to refute or respond, by quietly gossiping about you, behind your back, taking your statements out of context, caricaturizing the negative aspects of your personality, exaggerating your problems, lying by omitting your strengths, and generally depicting you to others in a way that’s extremely biased against you, personally.

12.  Cultural Marxists are hypocritically stereotypers and misrepresenters, of both groups and individuals.


All men are sexists, all Muslims are terrorists, all Capitalist are greedy, all Republicans are bigots, all drug dealers are sexual exploiters…  Sound familiar?  ‘If so-and-so is X, then that means they are also Y’.  This is the kind of bad logic they use to alienate individuals or even entire categories of people from the community.  Basically, Cultural Marxists MISREPRESENT their enemies by speaking for them, often inaccurately or poorly, misrepresenting hyperbole as objective fact.  Note that there is a thin line between that and Hunter Thompson/Jello Biafra -esque ‘Gonzo Journalism’.

13.  Cultural Marxists blame the individual even if their environment (and those who control it) is truly to blame. 


This is called the ‘fundamental attribution error‘ or simply ‘victim-blaming‘.  And what’s ironic is that we typically think of this as a conservative misconception:  The rich blaming the poor for their shoddy circumstances in life, white people blaming black people for the consequences of racism, or misogynists blaming the female victims of rape.  Most liberals generally acknowledge this to be bad, but that doesn’t stop them from hypocritically doing it themselves, to others.  I find feminists are especially bad about this type of hypocrisy, bitching about conservative victim-blaming even as they indulge in stereotypical liberal victim-blaming, the favorite target of which is the white male, Christianity, Capitalism, etc…

Liberals victim-blame their enemies and opponents, and they do it by deliberately creating a bad social situation for someone, and then blaming them for it by saying, ‘He did it to himself’.  One example I heard of this was when someone accused me of ‘alienating myself’…  what an absurd accusation, as alienation and ostricization, by definition, are things that the group does to the individual, not vice-versa.  This accusation was literally doublethink, but it flew easily in a community where logic and critical thinking abilities are not championed or even possessed by the majority of group members.  Which brings me to my next point:

14.  Objectivity and critical thinking are the bane of Cultural Marxists. 


Check out this article accusing Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook of ‘damaging public discourse’.

The only thing Facebook has destroyed is the mainstream media’s ability to make everyone think alike. The author is not lamenting the death of consensus, she is lamenting the death of false consensus, the ability of a ‘Ministry of Information’ to force ‘consensus’ on people who don’t consent.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the problems that misinformation poses, but those are caveats for the reader, not the publisher. We all have the right to express our subjective opinions, and if the reader gets taken in by falsehood, fantasy, or bias, that’s their own damn fault for not fact-checking. If you want to prevent the repercussions of that, teach critical thinking in public school. Oh, but liberals hate critical thinking, don’t they? It causes people to question their bullshit.

Anyway, the greatest threat to public discourse is ‘politically correct’ people and religious fanatics, both of whom isolate themselves and others into ‘echo chambers’… polarizing society by saying, ‘I’m only going to pay attention to those who agree with me, and pretend that everyone else doesn’t exist.’  Which brings me to my next point.



15.  Cultural Marxists create and employ social echo chambers in order to create and exploit divisions between people. 


These people literally FEED ON BIAS.  They also feed on social division.  If two people are not in communication with eachother, they can exploit the rift between them by perpetuating their misunderstanding of eachother.  This often relies upon completely false stories.  In the case of a rich kid in college, there are a million ways to exploit him.  Unscrupulous people could blackmail that kid for anything he might not want his parents to know, or anything that might change their image of him in a way he didn’t want.

The bad guys could also go to the kids parents’ tell him, ‘Your son has gambling debts/bangs cocktail waitresses two at a time/got my daughter pregnant’, etc, whether it happened or not, simply as a means of getting Mommy and Daddy to ‘handle it’ with money.

Exes are often exploited the same way.  ‘How’s my ex I never see anymore?’  ‘She screwed your best friend.  Now you should screw hers.’  Also, an obsolete or stereotypical understanding of a person could be used to mischaracterize them by reputation to those they haven’t seen in years or have ever met at all.  In other words, they tell you some bullshit about an individual or a group, and then try to get you to do something stupid in reaction to that.  I know a woman whose parents’ divorce made her believe that all marriages were lies, all paternity was spoofed, and she went down a pretty perverted social course after that.

The point is that people who don’t communicate with eachother are not likely to possess accurate understandings of eachother’s personalities, and Cultural Marxists use that to exploit people who are cut off from eachother.  Once a person is persona non grata in one camp, a Cultural Marxist will create a dogma about that person that gets repeated and handed down from person to person…  and because that person isn’t a member of that group, everyone just assumes that dogma is true, whether it is or not.

And they use intermediaries to do this, mostly.  You might not realize that the person who made you feel some way about someone or their category was actually being directed to do that by some disconnected third party who has taken an interest in shaping your worldview.  Multi-culturalists, on the other hand, are uniters, not dividers.


16.  Cultural Marxists tend to profess to be ‘non-judgmental’, but are actually the most judgmental of all.

They say they accept everyone, but in actuality accept no one.  They have nominally accepted you so they could dissect and diagnose you under the pretense of acceptance.  These are dangerous people to fall in with, because they sell you short by telling you to suspend your judgment, and then later victim-blame you for having ‘bad judgment’.

Those who pretend that there are no consequences to being non-judgmental are pretty easy to lose respect for when you watch their cycles of social drama play out a few times.

The ‘non-judgmental people’ act like they are these compassionate, enlightened people… the reality is that they are psychos who enjoy watching people get hurt. In not calling a whatever a whatever, they are really just setting people up for failure and selling them short, all in the name of ‘not stereotyping others’… It’s easy to get taken in by that kind of ideology when you’re young, but if you mature at all as you age, you lose respect for those emotionally detached, selfishly manipulative people acting like they are trying to help everyone get along. 

Basically, Cultural Marxists are the Spin Doctors of social perception, and based on whether they like you or not, they can use their powers for or against you.  But there is so little consistency in how they wield those powers, it is difficult to think of them as having any social or intellectual integrity.  On the forums and in theory, these people tend to be idealist who have this all-inclusive ideology that accepts everyone…  except ‘bigots’, of course.  In real-life practice, they are actually extremely socially manipulative and petty.  These are kick-banners and false-consensus-perpetuators and groupthinkers.  Of course, ‘they say it don’t be that way, but it do.’

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil2

17.  The natural enemy and polar opposite of the Cultural Marxist is the ideological purist, but that doesn’t make them right, or any better.


The conflict between ideological purism and cultural Marxism is the conflict between ‘my way is the only way’ and ‘you can’t have a definite, exclusive identity, because that offends someone’. Both are problems in America. Two extremes to avoid. Happiness lies in the middle ground, swaying to whatever side suits your current purpose.

In Austin, you have your typical Texas bigots: ‘I’m white, Christian, conservative, and capitalist, and everyone is wrong but me.’ And it goes without saying that those people are a drag. People who want to maintain the status quo, materialists, social classists, religious fundamentalists, etc…

But then you have your cultural Marxists, who are a liberal reaction to that, and they are not much better (in fact, in extreme cases they are much worse). It seems like they mostly exist to take advantage of college kids, who are geographically displaced, socially disconnected, environmentally overwhelmed, and don’t really have fully-formed identities.

Basically, what I have found is that there are two types of bigots in Texas (or anywhere): conservative bigots and liberal bigots. The conservative bigots only respect people like them, and the liberal bigots only respect people who remain nebulous about their identities… The middle ground between those is the multi-culturalist, I believe.  But while multi-culturalism is a very fine and American goal, it is often used as a false flag to mask Culturally Marxist intentions, and thus exploit naive idealism and altruism until there is none left in this world. 

Finally, the last piece of advice I can give you is to remember that no matter where you go, they will somehow try to turn you into something that you are not, in order to suit the petty agendas and biases of their particular geography and society.  But a person of integrity, who knows who they are, will always maintain their exclusive identity, no matter what situation they find themselves temporarily entangled in, rather than simply ‘going along to get along’ by ‘doing as the Romans do’.